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Hisense 55U7HQTUK 55" 600-nit 4K HDR10+ and 120Hz Dolby Vision IQ ULED Smart TV - £529 Dispatches from Amazon Sold by Crampton And Moore

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4k 120Hz for £530 seems rly good; not QLED but still

The below post details something with a previous model, the u7g, where they do chroma subsampling (don't really understand the details but basically it's 4:2:2 instead of 4:4:4 at 4k 120Hz) in essence it's usually not an issue with console gaming and TV, but if you're using it as a monitor at 120Hz might cause problems.

I wouldn't be surprised if this model does that too, however I think it's not much of a problem and am probably going to keep my eye out for further reductions

Amazon More details at Amazon
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About this item
  • Full Array Local Dimming: Precisely manage each dimming zones to present perfect blacks and highlights from edge to edge
  • Peak Brightness 600nit: Display the dazzling images with optimum HDR effect even in an extremely bright room
  • Quantum Dot colour: Over a billion shades of colour with precision, reveal the vividness and richness of the real world
  • 120Hz Ultra Motion: Remarkably clear and fluid images are played on the dazzling screen with native 120Hz refresh rate
  • Dolby Vision IQ: An adaptive and breathtaking HDR watching experience, based on the content and lighting condition
  • Filmmaker Mode: Feel directors' creative sparks and enjoy an immersive journey as if you were in a film theater
  • Dolby ATMOS: Bring you an immersive audio journey, whether it's for shows, games or live sports
  • Game Mode PRO: Minimizing input lag, jitter, and shaking, ALLM and VRR promises you optimum game experience. *VRR is from 48-120Hz at 4K resolution


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    So this is "QLED", the reason for the speech marks is QLED is Samsung's marketing term for a Quantum Dot LED LCD TVs. HiSense call their Quantum Dot TVs ULED.

    Also HDMI 2.1, because the certifier has retired HDMI 2.0 they now certify things as 2.1 so now what we associate with HDMI 2.1 i.e. 4k 120Hz we have to look for 48gb/sec to find the proper HDMI 2.1 TVs
    Actually, both TCL and Hisense were made official partners of the QLED programme when the QLED alliance was created in 2017, hence both are fully authorised to use "QLED" in their promotional materials - and they do.


    The "QLED" term was actually not invented by Samsung, neither do they own the patent - they were simply the first official license partner.


    This alliance has now been expanded with more partners including Vestel, which is why you now see some excellent "Toshiba" branded Vestel QLED models on the market.

    "ULED" is a more nebulous term used by Hisense for their higher end TVs, which usually includes not only a QLED panel but also features such as 120Hz refresh/ALLM/VRR etc. All their miniLED TVs are also classed under this moniker. Many of their TVs differentiated only by a QLED panel are not classed as ULED:


    As a general rule, all Hisense ULEDs tend to come with a QLED panel, usually partnered with other higher end features, however not all Hisense QLED panels are ULED. (edited)
  2. Avatar
    At PCR direct with voucher "22WINTER50" less £50 and
    5-year Hisense warranty Don't forget 3 % from Quidco £14.34
    Item SKU Qty Subtotal
    Hisense 55U7HQTUK 55" U7H ULED 4K Quantum HDR Smart TV (2022)
    Extended Warranty Options
    55U7HQTUK 1 £528.00
    Subtotal £528.00
    Shipping & Handling £0.00
    Discount (22WINTER50&Package Promotions Discount) -£50.00
    Grand Total £478.00
    Code no longer valid and price bumped up to £549
  3. Avatar
    I have this TV. I paid £499 for it from PRC direct and for the price it is very impressive. It does handle 4k at 120hz. Might not meet the standards that some people are after but for the price I think it's great

    Just to add it's currently £528 from PRC and also there's a link for a 5 year guarantee. prcdirect.co.uk/his…D=U (edited)
  4. Avatar
    If it helps, Costco has this on special offer until jan 22nd for 467.98 with a 5 year warranty. It’s for the 55” and available in the warehouse only.
    Do you know if they have the 65” version on offer as well? Or if its currently on offer elsewhere?
  5. Avatar
    I got mine £449 ebay Crampton and Moore in November using a £100 off code. Its great for PS5 and Xbox series consoles with 120hz 4k panel.
    Sometimes it can take a while to get the latest firmware update to come through automatically or even if you try to force it so dont worry if its only 60hz out of the box (with enhanced Hdmi on)

    Latesr software version is : V0000.06.10M.M0901
    You can download the latest software/firmware version to a usb stick and do it that way if needed
  6. Avatar
    Got this for £444 from Costco a couple of months ago been very good so far.

    Does 120hz with Xbox Series X. Excellent bright vibrant pictures. When comparing this side by side in Currys with much more expensive TVs this looked better.

    The software that comes on it isn't the best but I use a Chromecast with google TV which works great in 4k on this TV.
    Did you need a special HDMI wire for that? I've set everything on my PS5 to do 120hz but it keeps doing 4k at 60Hz
  7. Avatar
    Will be £467.98 Inc vat from Costco from tomorrow.
  8. Avatar
    is this true 4K at 120hz? I recall them faking it on previous models
    Yes it is.
  9. Avatar
    This is the u7h though, not the g.
  10. Avatar
    What is the difference between U7H and U8H?
  11. Avatar
    Got the 58 for 380 from costco. Was a 1 off deal but worth keeping a eye on it
    U7 only comes in 55,65 or 75. You probably got the A7 or A6 which is the model line below this one. They had this 55 U7 at 430 on Black friday week.
  12. Avatar
    This was on a good offer in store at Costco a few weeks back for Black friday not sure if you can still pick these up, may be worth a try for any Costco members
    Is in the new offer magazine starting from tomorrow, did you not get the email?
  13. Avatar
    This is a good TV but for an extra 100 or 200 you could get a Neo qled with up to 2000 nits peak brightness for amazing HDR.
    Beleive me I'm pushing it considering this one where there is a decent Hiseing 55" at Currys for £319 in store (before my works 6% off scheme).

    I'm guessing this is worth the extra £150 though for a longer warranty through Costco (if I can find one in store) along with 600nits instead of 300. (edited)
  14. Avatar
    Had my eye on this for a while, was really impressed with pic in Currys, think it is sitting around £549, so this is ok, especially for convenience of Amazon delivery I guess. (edited)
    Oo thanks good to know
  15. Avatar
    A lot of TV for the cash !!! Hdmi 2.1
  16. Avatar
  17. Avatar
  18. Avatar
    I saw this is Currys and was very impressed with the picture for the price. It got an amazing review from Digital Trends on YouTube BUT that was the US version of the tv, which is apparently different (better) than the one we get in Europe so check the specs before you buy.
  19. Avatar
    Be aware if ordering from Amazon and sold by Crampton and Moore! Their courier is Aarow XL and they deliver 3-5 working days, so the info on Amazon page is misleading! I had to cancel my order, as the courier told.me on the phone they won't deliver it on time for Christmas, as Crampton and Moore don't pay for next day delivery, as Amazon usually does with their Prime deliveries...just an fyi, for those interested in ordering it.
  20. Avatar
    Anyone know if it's Gsync compatible?
  21. Avatar
    This Hisense or TCL C735 ? Similar price, ULED Vs QLED.
  22. Avatar
    Is this VA or IPS screen?
  23. Avatar
    Is this the model where it's only 120hz in the US?
    Nope. Hisense UK website confirms the specs.
  24. Avatar
    Why not buy the qled one that’s also 65inch from Costco for similar price including 5 year warranty (edited)
    Which one please?
  25. Avatar
    looks like some awesome specs whats the menue like to navigate etc
    Doesn’t really matter. For the money you’re paying you should budget in a Chromecast or better yet an Apple TV 4K
  26. Avatar
    How is this TV with reflections? I see from US sites its good for bright rooms, but is if the same with the UK version?
    Probably ok but the UK version has 400 nits less peak brightness than the US one which is probably what helps it in a bright room (in a bright room you need to pump out more light).
  27. Avatar
    I bought this TV in summer from Costco and the PQ is very good and very impressive black levels and viewing angles (I think this is a VA panel unlike the US spec) however it handles motion very poorly and often 'stutters' on certain feeds. Firmware fully updated and as of yet no cure in sight. The missus doesn't notice it when it happens but I notice it every time!
  28. Avatar
    Why the best deals are always on 55" .. I need 65" in good price ..
    I need a 43inch!
  29. Avatar
    Does this have Apple airplay support? Thinking of upgrading if it does (edited)
  30. Avatar
    Is worth returning an A7 bought month ago in costco and getting this?
  31. Avatar
    How can this be a good deal when in November was sold with less than £450 ?
    Should be looking for a smaller price in order to post it here otherwise is a cold uk deal
  32. Avatar
    Is this a Mini LED TV?
    No. U8H is I think
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