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Hisense HVC6133WUK Cordless Vacuum with 45mins RunTime £69.99 at Hisense

£69.99£89.9922% off
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Just had an email from Leeds United offering a decent discount on cordless vacuums from HiSense.
I just bought the HVC6133WUK which was £99.99 and got it for £69.99 with Free Delivery using code LUFC23
Hisense More details at Hisense
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    Judging by their recent PL form this vac lasts as long as the players do.
    Paying £69.99 for a Leeds Utd. sweeper sounds decent
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    £69.99 is obviously quite a bit cheaper than either of the following, but I have a Eufy S11 and this Hisense looks pretty similar. I also bought one for some older relatives. Everyone seems to like it, although there is very little evidence that my dad has actually used his I have gone up in my mother in laws estimation. Eufy S11 Go was £89 a few months ago on Amazon. Only the lite version is in stock and available for £89 at the moment. Infinite Go and Lite are all the same base unit - the difference is the additional accessories. Small motorised head with the Go and small motorised head and extra battery with the infinite. Expert reviews gave it four out of five stars. Bissell Multireach Active 21V is currently £119 on the Bissell website. Expert reviews also give it 4 out of 5. Looks quite a bit bulkier, if that is an important factor. Anti-tangle is a good feature since the Eufy brushhead does tend to get hair tangled around it. Flexi-pipe on head cracking over time seems to be the main complaint with the Bissell. But you can buy a meter of replacement flexi pipe on Ebay for about £5.
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    Question is are they any good?
    Dunno but gonna give them a try, they weigh 2 thirds of a dyson.
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    There's no reason they can't do a 2 hours to full charge. As the battery packs all use the same 18650 batteries. Anything to save a few pennies!.
    Can't see why they'd over estimate charge time by 4 hours. Unless they're including an underpowered charger (perhaps deliberately to prolong it's life), and a higher powered one could be used instead?
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    what is the return policy?
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    Amazon reviews aren’t great
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    You'd have better luck blowing dirt into a bag than relying on any form of cleaning with this!
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    I'm just after a small handheld vac to clean up small bits around the sofa without having to haul out the big Dyson. Is the suction on this any good or can anyone recommend another one that will give me 5 minutes of super strong suction? The charge times don't matter to me
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    Could do with a couple of these to clean up our defence
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    Absolute joke, cancelled the order with no notification or explanation.
    Mine came next day no problems. Also seems to be pretty good.
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