Hitachi 18v li-ion combi drill 2x batteries £84.99 @ B&Q

Hitachi 18v li-ion combi drill 2x batteries £84.99 @ B&Q

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Use the 15% discount voucher for this price !

Stock seems very limited but there is some about


Got one of these and there a gem.. Hot

Voted hot nice bit of kit

Was going to ask how to use online code - but you can print off one and collect from store and use voucher

Thanks!... Now need to sell my DeWalt drill!

Not too sure about the '10 year warranty & 2 year on battery'
The link takes you to Hitachi USA site, probably doesn't apply to UK goods.

However, I bought this in march of this year and it is an excellent bit of kit.

can someone send me a copy of the print off voucher as I can't find it

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How does this compare to makita and how good is this for screwdriving?

I am a dewalt man myself, Dewalt always had the build quality but were let down by the batteries, they were slower than the others with Li-ion, but are good now.

I like Hitachi, I cant see where this has two batteries? maybe I missed it..... and what are the ah? nice unit though.

Sorry, but don't see anywhere 10 years warranty and 2 batteries.
"Warranty/guarantee: Warranty
Warranty/guarantee details: 12 Months"

UK site doesn't mention warranty too:…tml

Bought one of these earlier this year at £99 and it has seen a lot of hard use since.
Great deal at the price.

Excellent Drill use it everyday at work, Nice and light. Use to use top end dewalt til the batterys died and prefer this better to hold

Got one of these myself - it's lasted a few years so far. Not an everyday user but more than average. Would recommend. I bought from Screwfix for £90 which was (supposedly) half price at the time.

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They deff have 2 batteries as i saw the advert in the paper yesterday and it says & pictures 2 batteries

Picked mine up today... they actually reserved the wrong one! But luckily managed to get the last one from a high up shelf...
Lots left in Etruria Store (Stoke-on-Trent Area) and can confirm there are 2 BATTERIES:D

Picked mine up in B&Q Darnley earlier today still had a few left.
I bought the corded SDS hammer version earlier this year and if this is half as good I will be well chuffed.
Good deal voted hot :).

got main today...

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Does it come with a case ?

yes, black, plastic one

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Cool thanks, debating if its worth upgrading my Macallister 18v lithium, although its only 1.1mah it still drills in walls without problems

if you take the code in would you still get trade point discount on this?

could work out even cheaper

Just picked one up from B&Q Aintree, Liverpool. Great drill, at least 30 on the shelves there still. Used to 15% off voucher as well! Excellent find!

Oh no! Just spotted this, and the voucher I can see expired yesterday! Typical! Just what I need too.... does anybody know of a valid voucher?? TIA
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