Hitachi 1TB External Hard Drive - £49.99 @

Hitachi 1TB External Hard Drive - £49.99 @

Found 10th Aug 2010Made hot 10th Aug 2010
I know a quite a few External Hard Drive deals have been posted recently, but thought this is a good one that should be shared!

First deal posted on here!


Voted hot as it is a good price

BUT personally i would say the novatech internal put up yesterday for 5 quid more delivered combined with…365 would give much more value, more space and esata so much much quicker to make use of the space .

1TB over USB2 is getting a little too big with too little bandwidth imo. we need USB3 to get a wiggle on

but as i said, if you only want 1tb with USB then it is hot i guess.

good price but fugly heat added

excellent price, would buy it but luckily i got hold of the 1tb hd from morissons

Wouldn't personally touch Hitachi as an external drive.Problematical.
Ok as an internal though.

These eBuyer deals can be easily spoon fed to you by signing up to their mailing list.

Had a Hitachi 1TB die on me 1 day after Warrenty expired.

Would not use if given for free. Not with a barge pole.

Brand new

good price but fugly heat added

I kid you not but aren't these the ones designed by Ferrari designer(s)?? I own one of these and it works well.

Same price in sainsburies.

now £54.99
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