Hitachi 1tb external HD £46.99 @ Comet

Hitachi 1tb external HD £46.99 @ Comet

Found 19th Dec 2010Made hot 19th Dec 2010
1tb external HD for £46.99, hopefully someone knows of a voucher code which could bring this right down in price.

blurb from the site:

Hiatchi desktop hard drive with huge 1TB storage capacity. Features USB connection.


Very nice, wish i had the cash to get this haha

good, I got it @ £49.99 8 months ago

3% cashback via quidco/topcashback brings it down to £45.50 ish.

Nice reliable drive, hot.

£45.63 even.

Good price, I have the 2TB version of this, have to say it gets pretty hot quite easily, can go up to 60 degree when in load and remain 55 degree even not in much use. I think the main reason is the 7200rpm and sit inside a plastic enclosure. Not sure whether this 1TB will react differently.

topcashback is offering 6.06% today only at comet
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