Hitachi 26" Widescreen LCD HD ready TV for £414.99 delivered!

Hitachi 26" Widescreen LCD HD ready TV for £414.99 delivered!

Found 16th Oct 2006
Cheapest I can see on the web for this particular model - evn when you take into account the £15 delivery charge that they are slapping on as well. It is the Hitachi 26LD6600 26" Widescreen LCD HD ready TV - for £399 + £15 delivery. Looks like a nice TV, pretty good spec as well.

Details: 26" WidescreenLCDTV * HD ready * 1366x768 screen resolution * 2 x SCARTsockets (RGB) * HDMIand component sockets * Side input terminal * 15-pin D-sub PC socket * 500cd/m2 brightness * 600:1 contrast ratio * 2 x 8W RMSoutput * Headphone socket * Composite Videoconnection * 1 Year Parts Guarantee / 1 Year Labour Guarantee *


A mate bought one of these for £600 a few months back. I must admit it wouldn't have been what I would have chosen for £600 but at £414 it looks a bargain. The picture is decent and it has a good selection of inputs

Availability : Pre-Order

It's the cheapest I can find too. There are other places doing it for only a tad more if you want one now baring in mind the pre order thing.

Also bare mind it only has an analogue tuner.

Sky+ remote code. use the 3 digit code method and use code 509

press TV
Select and red (get 2 lights)

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Thanks for the info simate

Thinking of buying one of these tellys but when I've looked at them in the shops the picture quality never looks as clear as the crt cheaper TV's sat alongside them.

Is this my eyes?

What do other people feel?


Are these TV's better than the normal less expensive crt tv's.

When I seen them next to each other in the shops they always looked poorer quality and pixelated and not crisp and clear like the "normal" tvs.

Any thoughts as I do want one but don't really want to fork out and have a poor quality picture.


capmen10, I bought one of these last week for my mother and she is well pleased with it.Although up to know she has made do with a 20"crt.

I read many times that the "old" crt televisions produce better pictures than plasma/lcd etc.I dont know how true that is though.



I'm still enjoying my Toshiba 32ZDO9B 100Hz, some 4 years old now. I believe it was Toshes flagship before they abondened development of the CRT to commit to LCD. Interestingly, their 36" model never seemed to surpass the picture quality of the 32" screen but this could be subjective.
Their current flagship LCD does not, in my opinion, better my picture quality - (my colour reds and blacks are stunning with whites being pure to the eye) LCD is getting closer tho', all the time - 'tis called progress. Only drawback is my magic lantern is nearly the same size as an AGA. CRT may well have had its day very shortly.
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