Hitachi Deskstar 160GB Internal Hard Drive -  £37.99 or less

Hitachi Deskstar 160GB Internal Hard Drive - £37.99 or less

Found 27th Aug 2006
Hitachi Deskstar 160GB Internal Hard Drive is £37.99 or less at

Buy online and collect in-store to save delivery charges. Go through Quidco for 3% cashback.

Description: Hitachi Model Number: HDT722516DLAT80 | Hitachi Deskstar Internal Hard Drive | 160GB Formatted Capacity | 7200rpm Spindle Speed | 8mb Buffer Cache | IDE Interface | 3.5" High Performance Hard Disk | Quiet Drive Technology | Designed for Computing, Gaming & More | Ideal Capacity for Video & Music Files


This is still available for delivery or collect at store, it's a very good price IMHO

yup very nice price

The last time I bought a deskstar the drive failed after 2 weeks. I got a replacement and that failed within 2 days.

Deskstar brand is not as good as it was when IBM made them.

[SIZE=2]Thanks for the feedback sabrelord Perhaps they're much more reliable these days...[/SIZE]

I have an Hitachi laptop drive.... very good and silent

Deskstar's are renowned for their unreliability and have been dubbed 'deathstars'

I worked for a company that used IBM thinkpads as standard which used the Deskstar HDD. The amount of drives we saw fail was ridiculous - some even only after a couple of months of use.

In my opinion if you value your data avoid deskstar HDD's.

Spot on Greg...I've had two mishaps with "deathstars" and a friend of mine recently had his avoid is also my recommendation.

Now £37.99 for collect at store!

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Thanks Ray
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