Hitachi DZHS500E Hybrid DVD+HDD CAMCORDER Half Price £199.99 Delivered

Hitachi DZHS500E Hybrid DVD+HDD CAMCORDER Half Price £199.99 Delivered

Found 28th Jan 2008
Hybrid DVD+HDD CAM which can shoot 23 hours on the HDD then press the One Touch Dubbing button to burn movies from HDD to DVD with 2x speed dubbing. Users can enjoy the advantage of Hybrid CAM; shooting longer and burning multiple DVDs for fast and easy sharing without a PC or other hardware.

* Hybrid DVD+HDD CAM
* One Touch Easy Dubbing Button
* Multiformat+ DVD
RAM/-RW/-R/+RW (& SD Card)
* 30GB High Capacity Hitachi HDD
* 2x Speed Dubbing
* 1-Second Quick Start
* Optical Zoom
* Digital Zoom
* 16:9
screen 2.7"
* Autofocus
* Auto white balance
* Long play
mode for extended recording time
* Date and time stamp
* Auto power off
* SD Memory card slot
2.0/1.1 interface
* Rechargeable battery 100 minutes(HDD)
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amazing price
Any reviews on this anywhere?

Aussie site. Only review I could find! Sounds good, but low light performance sounds a bit ropey. Also seems like it weighs nearly 500g.
this doesnt record in HD [720, 1080] does it?

A little more info here.

Description of Hitachi DZHS500 / DZ-HS500A: Step-Up to the top of the … Description of Hitachi DZHS500 / DZ-HS500A: Step-Up to the top of the line with the DZHS500A Hybrid Camcorder. This model is the step-up in a line of the World's First Hybrid Camcorders and includes a built-in 30 GB Hard Disk Drive. Now you have something you've never had in a camcorder before. Choice. Hitachi Hybrid camcorders are the first ever to include both DVD and HDD. 30 GB HDD: 23 Hours Standard Recording Time 1-Touch Easy Dubbing from HDD to DVD 5 Format Compatibility DVD-R, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, +RW and SD Card Photo Frame Grab - Capture Video Frames as Pictures 1-Second Quick Start With the DZHS500A, you have the flexibility to choose between formats when capturing your memories. Because the Hitachi Hybrid is the first and only camcorder that offers the convenience of DVD plus the capacity of HDD. And, with just the push of a button, you can edit and make DVD copies right on your Hitachi Hybrid. Unique to the DZHS500A is the ability to burn DVD copies at 2x dubbing speed. The Hitachi Hybrid offers uniquely flexible storage capabilities. The 30 GB hard drive gives you the ability to record 11 hours of footage in the highest quality. And, if your hard drive is ever full, just back up existing footage to DVD, or simply record new footage to DVD. HDD and DVD Hybrid - Combining the convenience of the DVD format-- for easy sharing and archiving-- with the flexible capacity of an internal Hard Disk Drive (HDD), the revolutionary design simplifies and speeds up the home-moviemakingFeatures of Hitachi DZHS500 / DZ-HS500A: [LIST][*]30 GB Built-in HDD[*]Easy 1-touch dubbing with 2x speed from HDD to DVD[*]USB 2.0 PC & Mac Connection[*]30x Optical Zoom, 1500x Digital Zoom[*]680K Pixel CCD[*]Hitachi Exclusive Advanced Image Processing[*]Photo Frame Grab Tool[*]Sleep/Restart Battery Save Tool: 1 Second Record on Restart[*]Finalize Button— Finalize recorded DVD-R/-RW/+RW[*]Quick Menu Button—Shortcut to Simplified Menu System[*]Quick Start—Short Start Time from Power-on to First Recording[*]Disc Navigation—Instant Access to Selected Scenes and In-Camera Editing Features[*]Widescreen 2.7” LCD Monitor[*]2.7” LCD Monitor Can operate as a Light[*]16:9 Widescreen Recording for all DVD formats[*]3 Recording Modes XTRA – HDD: 400 min DVD: 18 min/side FINE – HDD: 660 min DVD: 30 min/side STD – HDD: 1360 min DVD: 60 min/side HDD[*]Rewriteable Technology[*]Record 11 hours in Fine quality mode[*]Record 23 hours in Standard quality mode DVD-R[*]Write Once Technology[*]Plays Back in Most DVD Players and DVD-ROM Drives DVD-RW[*]Rewriteable Technology (VR format)[*]Plays Back in Most DVD Players and DVD-ROM Drives (VF format) DVD-RAM[*]Rewriteable Technology[*]Advanced In-Camera Editing Capability DVD+RW[*]Rewriteable Technology[*]No Finalizing Needed[*]USB 2.0 PC & Mac Connection: 1[*]S-Video & Composite AV Output: 1[*]Composite AV Input: 1[*]Battery[*]AC Adapter/Charger, DC power cord[*]USB Cable[*]PC & Mac Video Editing Software[*]Special S-Video and Composite AV Cable[*]Shoulder Strap[*]Lens Cap[*]Height: 3 9/16”[*]Width (excluding hand strap): 2 23/32”[*]Depth: 5 3/16”[*]Weight(w/o battery/disc): 1 lb 1 7/8 oz.[*]1-Year Parts Warranty, 90-Day Labor Warranty[/LIST]Similar Products]Hitachi DZHS300 8GB HDD/DVD Camcorder Hitachi DZHS500 :: FeaturesFormat DVD/HDD LCD Display 2.7 Megapixels 680K Memory 30 GB USB Interface 2.0 Weight (lbs.) 1 7/8 Zoom - Digital 1500 x Zoom - Optical 30 x


this doesnt record in HD [720, 1080] does it?

wouldn't expect it to. It's only got a 800k sensor.
Don't forget quidco and the 2% ED discount
if you get the discount and quidco tracks - it'll end up costing around £191.
Ordered one for the folks and one for me on the free delivery option and used the 2$ ED discount and 2% quidco. Not it's not HD but it is widescreen and I can wait for a decent HD camcorder for a while
Hi guys.

Does it also take blank DVDs to record onto DVD?

So it has 30GB + an option to add SD cards? So you could have upto 38GB if you combine the HDD & SD cards?

I have a Sony Mini DV camcorder - about 2 years old. Is this Hitachi a worthy replacement? I'm not into HD TV or other gimmicks at the moment:) I am Not likely to need a new camcorder for another 12 months - is it worth waiting or is this a price that cant be beaten?
I think this takes 3" DVD-R/RW, cheapest place to get the media? SVP?
Poundland do four of the mini-DVDs for a quid, if you don't mind the no-nameness of the brand. Should be ok for recording, but you might want to transfer onto better media for long term storage.
I assume this is the media it takes?…_rw

Looking up this thread - only 18mins storage at fine resolution? Is that really all you can get on an 8cm DVD?

I assume this is the media it … I assume this is the media it takes? up this thread - only 18mins storage at fine resolution? Is that really all you can get on an 8cm DVD?

Yup, thats why the new High Definition camcorders (£700+) are still using DV casettes and recording in a new AVCHD compressed format, the small DVD discs just cant hold enough data.
Anyone purchased this yet? I'm unsure whether to risk it as I can't find any other reviews, cheers.
Just ordered and voted hot. This was one of the Which best buys and a great bargain. Thanks OP, rep given.
this is also an end of line item in Currys (it doesnt appear on the website anymore) so you could try to price match it - they are more likely to price match to clear end of line items. I think its £249.99 in store.

They also do the 8gb version for £149.99 but again its end of line, so dont make a special effort to get there, but if you're local and wanting this it might be worth a punt.

If you DO want one, both models are in the Trowbridge, Wiltshire Currys superstore. If you do want it PM and I can sort something out.
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