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Hitachi NR90GC2 Gas First fix Nail Gun. £246.99 My Tool Shed
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Hitachi NR90GC2 Gas First fix Nail Gun. £246.99 My Tool Shed

Posted 12th Apr 2013

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I know this is not for everyone.

I was left in the lurch by a joiner this week and still a few days work left, stud walls - plus I am going to be putting up a 6ft fence later in the summer.
So thought it best if I get a gas nailer to get the jobs done quickly and neatly

Hunted about and settled on this gun and then found My Tool Shed. Called them and excellent, completed the order online and arrived next day by UPS.

Couple of prices close, but none offer the support of these guys, next best would probably be Screwfix at £389.99!

I have used a few guns in the past and this is doing the jobs 75mm Ring nails neat and tidy, very little kickback. it is comparable to the Max nailer and IM350
The trade reviews out there are pretty favourable too.

but as deals go, if you need a nailer then this takes some beating.
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It's a decent gun, got the IM350 myself but know a few guys with this gun and they are more than happy with it.
I don't understand why this is so cold? Is a good price for the gun. I have the im350 which is a good all rounder. One of the boys in work has this in work and for the money it is a good buy. Takes copy gas and nails better than the paslode im90i (which I don't rate at all). All in all, I think this is def worth buying instead of the crappy im90i. You could buy 2 at that price and still have a ton change
Looks a good price to me, just wish I had the money because this is the next thing on my list.
I had the first generation gun from Hitachi and had so many problems with it, had to send it back for a refund eventually. Spoke to a few other carpenters on site and they didn't rate it either. Not sure if the second Gen is better but after my experience I wouldn't trust it.
I agree about the comment on the paslode im350 had a few of them over the years, from my experience the best one is the makita ' had one for nearly 2 years now and not a single issue
mymatemark dot co dot uk
I would like to get one but I'm old skool so I'll have to carry on with my.........

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The first gen comments did worry me a bit, but then the money question crops up - I thought it comes with warranty whats the worst...

That about half the first box (1K) of nails done and this things has not skipped a beat, the punch it has drives through pretty much anything and everything 70 and 90s not been a problem not misfired, jammed or anything so far. I have got to say I am pretty darn impressed with it.

Its louder than the im350, but it is lighter too and has a better hanging fixing, the only comment I have is that it goes into sleep mode and shuts down if left alone for about 40 mins, and you have to pop the battery in and out to rewake it, but I guess the benefits for that outweigh battery life.

I searched on here before buying, didn't find anything other than DIY electric tack guns so I thought I got a deal might benefit someone else! Shame its gone cold, like I said it wasn't for everyone but I guess the premise that this is a deal by over £100 on the price ordered next day from screwfix perhaps isn't clear enough.

For sure I'd love to go by the orange one, but then its nearly twice the price and hard to justify for my needs and given it has just now saved me two days of additional labour its paid for itself handsomely.
Why Expired? its still in stock and available?
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