Hitchcock 14 dvd box set - was £89.99, now £24.98
Hitchcock 14 dvd box set - was £89.99, now £24.98

Hitchcock 14 dvd box set - was £89.99, now £24.98

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Watching Vertigo on tv at the moment and went looking for box sets. This doesnt include what I think is the best Hitchcock fim, North by northwest, but I have that already

The Birds
Rear WIndow
The Trouble With Harry
Torn Curtain
Family Plot
Shadow Of A Doubt
Man Who Knew Too Much

DVD special features:

The Birds: All About The Birds - Making Of, Tippi Hedren's Screen Test, Universal News Reel Stories x 2, Storyboard Sequence: Deleted Scene (Script Pages), Alternative Ending (Sketches & Storyboards), Production Photographs.

Family Plot: Plotting Family Plot - Making Of, Storyboards.

Frenzy: The Story Of Frenzy - Making Of.

The Man Who Knew Too Much: The Making Of The Man Who Knew Too Much, Trailer Compilation.

"Marnie": The Trouble With Marnie - Making Of, Production Photographs.

Rear Window: Rear Window Ethics: Remembering & Restoring a Hitchcock Classic - Making Of, Featurette, Trailer Compilation.

Saboteur: A Closer Look - Making Of, Storyboards, Hitchcock Sketches.

Shadow Of A Doubt: Beyond Doubt: The Making Of Hitchcock's Favourite Film, Production Drawings.

Topaz: An Appreciation by Film Critic/Historian Leonard Maltin - Making Of, Alternative Endings x 3 - Duel/Airport/Suicide, Storyboards, Production Photographs.

Torn Curtain: Torn Curtain Rising - Making Of, Scenes Scored By Composer Bernard Herrmann.

The Trouble With Harry: The Trouble With Harry Isn't Over - Making Of, Trailer Compilation.

Rope: Rope Unleashed - Making Of, Trailer Compilation.

Vertigo: Obsessed with Vertigo, Feature Commentary, Cast And Filmmakers, Production Notes.

Psycho: Masters Of Cinema: Alfred Hitchcock, American Film Institute Salute to Alfred Hitchcock, Production Notes, Cast And Filmmakers.

Theatrical Trailers.

Art Gallery.


When i posted this same deal about five months back i was told that it comes up and is posted quite a lot. So just to nip all the "posted before" snarky posts in the bud.... This IS still a great deal... new people join this site all the time and won't have seen the deal before, great to put away for presents, etc etc. :thumbsup:

Great deal, heat and rep added!

Is the cheapest, but if you go to HMV you pay £24.99 but after Quidco..........a much better deal. Just a thought anyway, not a criticism. Thanks for the post chrishill.

i purchased this about 8 months ago and so far ive watched about 2 films from it, nice boxset if you like movies

Picked this up in-store for £14.99 just before Christmas.

It's a great box-set, but is let down by a few flaws:

- It's by no means complete: it only contains some of his American films and none of the British ones

- In addition, it only contains some of his Universal Pictures & Paramount movies, and none of the ones he did for Warner Bros or MGM (eg. Dial M for Murder, Stage Fright, I Confess, North by North West, Strangers on a Train), although Rope is an exception to this (it was a Warner Bros movie, but the copyright is held by Universal)

- Several of the films are in the wrong ratio (4:3 or cropped 'pan & scan' as opposed to true widescreen)

If you're happy with these flaws, this is a great boxset, it really is. Just don't buy it expecting an exhaustive compendium of his best work, because some of it simply doesn't feature here.



Hitchcock is God!! I just watched Rope - class film - boxset is a must, especially if you call yourself a film fan!!! :thinking:

- Several of the films are in the wrong ratio (4:3 or cropped 'pan & … - Several of the films are in the wrong ratio (4:3 or cropped 'pan & scan' as opposed to true widescreen)

"Topaz", "Torn Curtain", "Marnie", and "The Birds" are 4:3 full screen transfers (rather than the widescreen transfers used in US DVD releases).


is an excellent resource for comparing Hitchcock DVD releases.

Yes, regularly discounted but still a wonderful deal for anyone who's never seen a Hitchcock movie

There's a few odd inclusions in the boxset when there's so many classic films of his missing from it.

This set is published by Universal - I assume they have only included the films for which they either own or have managed to purchase copyright.

See Sweetchuck's excellent post for details.
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