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HITMAN 2 - £6.02 incl. PayPal fees and voucher (PC / Steam key) @ Eneba
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HITMAN 2 - £6.02 incl. PayPal fees and voucher (PC / Steam key) @ Eneba

Posted 5th Mar

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

HITMAN 2 follows on the previous game with six new levels as Agent 47 hunts a shadow and starts unraveling his past. The focus here isn’t on the background story though. Instead, each level and target will have their own story that 47 will use in order to plan his executions. For example, in Mumbai, we are working with a Bollywood producer; once you know that, is time to scout him, eavesdrop, look for clues; everything in order to plan the perfect kill.

Every level has a set of tasks and challenges for you to complete if you wish to do so. The better you get in a level, the more unlocks you will have; getting a weapon cache in a pre-determined location, starting in different places, etc. You will also level-up 47, which will unlock better items in his journeys.

You will be getting the Standard Edition of HITMAN 2 through this deal, which includes six locations (Hawke’s Bay, Miami, Santa Fortuna, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek and Isle of Sgáil). In case you have the previous HITMAN game in your Steam library, all levels from it will be playable in Hitman 2 with improved gameplay and all of HITMAN 2's quality of life features.

If you need a break from the ample towns from HITMAN 2, you can also dive in the extra modes that are available. You can take part in a competitive Ghost Mode match, or go for the Sniper Assassin mini-game. In this one you will be set in a determinate vantage point and you will have to snipe a number of targets before your time ends.
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Just got it and installing now. Thanks for the heads up
Hi,does this come with dlc
Rolefitleader05/03/2020 20:05

Hi,does this come with dlc

Hi, it only comes with the base game / standard edition.
Rolefitleader05/03/2020 20:05

Hi,does this come with dlc

Gold edition includes Expansion Pass, which is mainly worth it for the Bank/Haven Island locations.
GOTY Legacy Pack is not included with any version, though you can get that content free if you own the original game. Well worth buying as you'll have far more locations to explore.
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