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HITMAN 3: Season of Sloth - Play Sapienza for Free & More (PC / Console)
265° Expired

HITMAN 3: Season of Sloth - Play Sapienza for Free & More (PC / Console)

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265° Expired
HITMAN 3: Season of Sloth - Play Sapienza for Free & More (PC / Console)
Posted 15th Jun 2021

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Credit @merb0786

Elusive Target: The Liability (Berlin)
The world’s worst construction inspector is in Berlin for a limited time. Find him and eliminate him but don’t take too long about it, you’ll have 11 days starting on June 17th to complete this contract.

Featured Contracts / Outside Xtra
We’re excited to have Jane, Mike and Andy creating some Sloth-inspired contracts for all players this month. You’ll know them from Outside Xbox, where they’ve regularly been playing Elusive Targets and creating all sorts of videos throughout the World of Assassination trilogy. Regular viewers will know that stealth, poison and explosions are likely to be on the table here… Thankfully, they’ve all been cleared to leave the medical area of Miami and their doppelgängers in Santa Fortuna won’t slow them down.

Featured Contracts Unlock
The Featured Contracts from Outside Xtra will be your first chance to unlock the ICA 19 F/A Stealth “Ducky” Edition. Complete a total of 40 unique Featured Contracts and you’ll have this unique ICA 19 variant to call your own.

Location Rotation: Sapienza
Slow down, chill out, take it easy. Go to the beach. Eat an ice cream. Visit the morgue.

The relaxing coastal town of Sapienza is your destination for the Location Rotation this season, which means all HITMAN 3 Free Starter Pack players and HITMAN 3 owners will have unlimited access to everything that this jewel of the Amalfi coast has to offer for 10 days.

Elusive Target: The Twin (Sapienza)
Two identical twin brothers. One is the client, the other is your target. If you kill or harm the client, you fail.

Track down the twins, identify the target and take your shot. Or cross your fingers and go YOLO, it’s your call.
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