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Free home testing kit for HIV - England (includes free delivery) @ Free testing HIV

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06/02 - For those in Wales , there is a similar scheme available friskywales.org/wal…tml
Free HIV at home test kits are being offered this week to people in England 16+. It is part of a drive to improve diagnosis, You can order online for free if in need of a test. The kit is small enough to fit through the letterbox and arrives in plain packaging through the post. It gives a result within 15 minutes by testing a drop of blood from a finger prick.

HIV testing: Free do-it-at home kit offered in England: Source BBC

Choose the type of HIV test you want to use

Lab test

  • Detects HIV 7 weeks or longer after infection
  • You will need a few drops of blood from your fingertip
  • Get a result 72 hours after you post your sample to our lab
  • Great if you’d like someone else to interpret your result
  • You can also test for syphilis if you want to

Rapid self-test

  • Detects HIV 12 weeks or longer after infection
  • You need only 1 drop of blood from your fingertip
  • Read your own result immediately at home
  • Great for testing quickly and regularly
  • Only tests for HIV and doesn’t test for syphilis

FAQ's Lab Test

Does the kit expire if I don’t use it straight away?

The kit components may expire after 6 months. We ask you to write the date you completed the test kit on your lab card so that we know your sample was taken recently, even if your kit has been ordered some months ago.

We ask that you only order a kit if you plan to use it soon, otherwise you are keeping hold of a kit that someone else could be making use of. Funding for the service is limited, so we want to reduce waste wherever possible.

Does the blood go off if I don’t post it back soon after taking my sample?

Your blood sample will be viable for laboratory testing for up to 7 days, so we advise posting it as soon as you can after taking the test. There is less risk of your blood drying out or clotting if you post it right away.

Tipping your blood sample tube upside down a few times before laying it in its protective packaging will also help prevent blood clotting. The gel at the bottom of the tube is designed to protect your blood sample from haemolysing (breaking down).

When you take your test, please:

  • think about how quickly you will be able to get to your nearest postbox
  • make sure you rotate your sample upside down a few times before returning it
If there is not enough blood or the sample gets lost or damaged in the post, one of our clinicians can offer you another kit to repeat the test.

Will I get my results immediately?

No. This lab test kit allows you to take a small sample and return it to our laboratory for testing. Once the lab has received your sample, you should get your results within three working days, though results often come sooner.

This is not a rapid self-test for HIV, where the testing device shows you a reactive or negative result. Instead, your sample will be tested by our professional laboratory. Our clinicians will be there to support you if you have a reactive result.

Will the kit say HIV test on the outer packaging?

No. Your test kit will arrive in a grey envelope with your address label, a franked postage label and a sticker with a barcode that we use to track the dispatch of your kit. There is nothing on the package to suggest it contains a test kit or has anything to do with your health.

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HIV testing: Free do-it-at home kit offered in England

About HIV

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  1. Avatar
    I'm not sure this should be on here. Surely anyone worried about it would do some research and find it.

    You don't want random people using up medical supplies
    "around 1 in 16 people living with HIV in the UK do not know that they have the virus"

    Source: National AIDS Trust

    I think it's an effective use of medical supplies.
  2. Avatar
    I’m sure some people will order this just because it’s free, please don’t.
    Only works 7 weeks after infection too
  3. Avatar
    This can have psychological implications! Test and results on your own😳😳
    Exactly what I thought
  4. Avatar
    The more people who take part the better.
  5. Avatar
    It's great that they are offering this, this should be a service that is widely available to the UK for other conditions as it would take a lot of strain off of GPs. Imagine a GP could just post you out a finger prick test for conditions like thyroid, diabetes or vitamin deficiencies.

    Would be incredible as a pre-screening service but unfortunately we are still in the stone age.
    Most tests require a container of blood because you're looking for a quantity of something in the blood, not just whether it is present. Even something like UTIs available tests throw up a lot of false positives.

    Home testing only works when you only need to detect if something is present, not what level it is, and you can either test for the substance directly (like covid, HIV) or a reliable biomarker like with pregnancy tests. There's a reason why lab diagnostic equipment is really expensive.
  6. Avatar
    Why is there an increase in HIV all of a sudden?
    There isn't ..
  7. Avatar
    People say when the product is free, you are the product.

    Joke aside, it's important to know your status, so free test kit is a great step to help everyone and society.
  8. Avatar
    Better question is why not?
  9. Avatar
    Great idea, these schemes benefit everyone i, the more we know about infections the better we can treat them.

    There is an economic and public health argument for this. Really can't see any downsides.
  10. Avatar
    I could not do this test on myself when i attempted it, squeemish, blood everywhere but barely filling it up... I need a doc to jab me with a needle
  11. Avatar
    thought this was already free through SHL?
    I can confirm it is free service offered by my local sexual health clinic, so would assume its nationwide. I ordered one a while ago but was unable to draw enough blood using the finger prick kit... they need quite a bit more than the few drops I was able to extract. They offer urine tests by post as well for other STDs and then text you the results.
  12. Avatar
    It's a finger prick test. Make sure you can manage it before ordering (just because it is free).
  13. Avatar
    my ex cheated & being autistic, never got tested as didn't want to go alone so these things are great for people. Wouldn't be any good for me though as its been 11yrs since we broke up and not been with anyone since
  14. Avatar
    Ordered thanks
  15. Avatar
    There is also sh24...
  16. Avatar
    Always used SH:24 which is run by NHS. Not sure if this place is similar. If you're in London, you need to use SHL and collect a box
  17. Avatar
    Is it anon ?
  18. Avatar
    If you clumsy this is not for you.

    I tried to do this and the result:
    Blood all over my t shirt
    I knocked the tube so had to clean my table
    Two fingers hurt
    wasted 30 mins of my time
    wasted a kit

    I am just going to go and get my blood tested in the nearest clinic.