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Hive Active Smart Plug - Silver £27.99 Amazon
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Hive Active Smart Plug - Silver £27.99 Amazon

Posted 25th Sep 2018
  • Requires the Hive Hub (if you don't have Hive Active Heating) which connects all your Hive devices so you can control them with the Hive app.
  • Hive Active Plug works like an adaptor: Plug it into your wall socket then plug appliances into it as normal
  • Control your appliances from your smartphone
  • Check if you have left anything on wherever you are
  • Set your lamps or electric heaters to switch off when you do not need them
  • Sync with other Hive products like sensors using Hive Actions
  • Set up to 6 time slots a day to turn things on and off
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You can do the same with cheaper ones
These are seriously overpriced as you also need a hub however the only good thing is that if you are using multiway adapters they only take up one socket unlike the stupidly designed tp-link ones which take up two sockets - but don’t require a hub. British Gas try to tie you in and want you to take out unnecessary subscriptions. As the previous poster said you can do the same job with items costing half this price and not require a hub. If you already have the hub and Hive then just maybe get this so you only need one app but look for them cheaper. That said, with Alexa giving a common interface it is easy to mix and match different brands.
I picked up a TP Link one from Amazon a couple of weeks ago. I actually got one for a tenner as it was on offer. Think they’re usually around £20 for the TP. No hub required.
I got these on a Amazon deal came in at £8:00 each they’re fantastic and no one can play with my PS4 and PlayStation VR with out my permission. If the kids are naughty no tv am getting some more. Plus you can put them practically anywhere and they will only stay on the power point. They don’t hang over and look ugly like some and the led light it has is very discreet and soft.
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