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Hive EV Home Charger - Charger only £431.10 @ Hivehome

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Just had an email from British Gas regarding this offer that's available until Sunday 15/1/2023

Installation is £360 extra but the price for the charger itself is quite tempting!

A smarter way to charge has landed. With Hive EV Charging, you’ll get the Alfen Eve Single S-Line charger with a British Gas backed warranty and 24/7 support. Control it all anytime, anywhere with the award-winning Hive app. A hassle-free installation option is also available from an expert British Gas engineer.

Hivehome More details at Hivehome
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    I've got 2 potentially really stupid questions to ask.
    1 do the charging cables "lock on" to charger and car so somebody can't just come along and unplug car or steal the cable?
    Is it possible to forget you put car on charge overnight and drive off with cable still attached or would car (I know they vary) somehow let you know/warn you?
    Ta. (edited)
    1, yep they lock once you connect and it starts charging
    2, you won't, but yep, you can't drive the car if the cable is plugged in.
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    .....Until Hive do another U-turn and abandon it like they have the Hive Cameras and Home electronics.
    Hive cannot be trusted, they simply just on the bandwagon of what others are doing and abandon support for any existing kit.
    If it gets "abandoned" then you're still left with a functional wall charger for your car?

    These are made by Alfen so will have usual manufacturer support, all Hive offer is the ability to check charging status on your phone.

    Source: I have one.
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    I still think petrol is cheaper then these long term no?
    With octopus ev tariff it’s around 2p per mile to charge, which is super cheap compared to petrol (somewhere around 15-25p per mile).

    Then there’s no road tax, very low company car tax, and they’re super fun to drive!
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    Don’t buy from Hive - not reliable. I had 2 hive View cameras that they discontinued support for but should have been working up to 2025 - both cameras went offline a few months ago and Hive had firmware bricked them remotely. Now just rubbish. Shows no commitment to support or customer respect.
    Agree. They have done a few region-specific shutdowns in recent years. I think they turned of some of their heating-related products in the US as well. Very shoddy behaviour and a reminder that you need to be sure you are happy with how your products work when they don't have an Internet connection.

    Hive are right up there with Google products for uncertain longevity.
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    Can any electrician install this or has he got to have some sort of certification?
    Needs certification I did my exam (and failed) however they’ve just changed (city and guilds) to a harder course as everyone was doing it. There is a lot that has to be done like own dedicated circuit with a special rcd that reads dc voltage
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    Genuine question.
    What happens if you move house? You need to pay installation again, but would you need to buy another charger or can you uninstall and reinstall?
    When the installation guy comes first time, take his number. That’s what I did, knowing I’ll be moving within the next couple of years. He said £100 to move it to the new house.
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    It costs almost £800 to install a charger for an EV , no wonder they don't put that on the ads!
    Definitely cancels any saving over petrol for a good 2 years if you don't have a super low octopus tariff.
    would be around 5 years for someone doing really low milage making it pointless if you change cars every 5 years, you wouldn't make any savings until you buy a second car and hope the charger hasn't gone faulty by then (edited)
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    360 for install do it your self
    Sounds like dangerous advice. Having had an Ohme Pro fitted this week there is much more to it than I thought. Took about 10 man hours despite me thinking it was an easy installation. And you need certification so unless you are a qualified electrician you would need to get this too. (edited)
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    Is this to charge ur csr?
    I use it for my Samsung S22, needs topping up every couple of hours
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    "A hassle-free installation?"

    Apart from the disruption to your house caused by running a new cable the size of a hosepipe from your electrical consumer unit, which is unlikely to be on a convenient external wall!
    40A twin and earth cable is usually 6mm, I ran 10mm because why not. Little finger width and flat in one direction so it bends easier. Not hosepipe! Drinking straw?
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    I love how the EV pushers all quote the cheapest tariffs that a few people are on. You wont get that trying to change now
    I notice that upfront costs for the car are conveniently left out, which makes me think that it's company car owners that are commenting most.
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    EV is great I've got BMW I4 don't remotely miss my 5 series, drives superbly and is costing me 1.5p a mile on my EDF tariff of £0.045pkwh from midnight till 6am. Not only that saving a fortune on Washing machine, tumble drier & dishwasher running at night. Plus leave Xbox / ps5 / pc on at night when downloading huge games.

    Gone from an average of 9 units per day to ~ 7 which is like £25 a month off bill on current rates. (edited)
    What about the I4 cost? Substantially more than the 25 a month saving I imagine? Unless it's a company car... (edited)
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    The best thing people can do to save the planet is to keep driving their current cars. It takes many years of driving an electric to balance out the carbon from making it!
    Or may upgrade to more efficient ones?
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    I’ll stick to diesel
    I would too, but taxman khan is bleeding diesel drivers
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    Get simple non smart Rolec 7kwh untethered charger for around £200 on ebay and electrician to fit it. Best buy for your buck imo. No need for them smart crappy things that can break anytime just bog standard simple reliable charger is what you need. If you need to charge within specific times you can set it in your car
    This is decent advice, thanks.

    Plus you get all the 'hard' work done now, so if want to upgrade charger in few years when supply normalised = much easier switch job. Thanks
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    360 quid to wire a cable in to a box???
    You've got to be kidding me?
    I bet your local electrician could do it for a tiny fraction of the price.
    It generally is a completely independent set up.......7kwh a lot of electricity it needs ringfencing from house electrics. That's about the going rate for an certified EV installation. Of course can get some heath Robinson job for cheap. What's the point, don't muck around with electrics........my dad an electrical engineer he was well impressed with my installation.
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    Anyone know what is a "fair" price is for a standard installation? Seems it can be anywhere between £200 - £800!

    Also, does this charger have any kind of lock? Reading the spec it doesn't seem to have, so when you are away from home, someone could potentially just go and plug their car in for a free charge! (edited)
    Surely it has a circuit breaker somewhere you could turn off?
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    So basically 13A extension plug
    7.6Kw which is 32A, this is the same maximum current that you can draw from a single circuit in your home (i.e. all "13A" sockets on one floor of your house). If you tried to charge at this rate from an extension lead, best result is you trip the circuit, 2nd best is something will melt and it will no longer work, worst is you burn your house down.
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    I’m happy with this, bought for £479 and paid a good electrician £200 to install incl certs. Syncs with the rest of your Hive app if you have one and can use it to get alerts when it starts being used and to start/stop it
    I’d get divorced if the temp in my house was 18deg
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    Bought my EV then found out that as a semi detached my leccy supply is looped from next door (apparently very common) and i would need my garden dug up and a dedicated supply put in for one of these. Which bemuses me as I have a 3 pin extra long charger that came with the car that I can plug in to domestic plug. At moment the charging is still free in my council area but that will change soon. So I’m afraid it’s back to petrol for me. If anyone had told me about the ‘looped supply’ issue I could have fixed it before I spent thousands on my new driveway which I am not now paying to dig up and re-lay. Feel like I was duped. When I spoke to my dealer they told me they were completely unaware that this was an issue.
    its a lie, looped supply is very common and i was thinking about buying ev 2 years ago, after i discovered i have looped supply and costs to fit ev charged i lost interest. i bought new x5
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    Just to give you a comparison, it cost me £1100 to buy and no install a Zappi charger at my house (it’s being fitted next week). Zappi supported charging from different sources (eg solar, renewable etc)
    This isn’t a bad price, though there is a subscription charge that goes with it
    I certainly don't pay a subscription with our Zappi.
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    I have an EO mini pro 2 (unteathered version) as it's tiny and inconspicuous (plus does all the smart stuff and supports solar etc).

    Can get a good price on them from some places right now by the looks of it hdmsolar.co.uk/pro…217
    They are pretty dated and basic now, I have one and I wouldn’t be in a rush to own it again, it won’t charge if it drops WiFi and it’s a pig to reset.
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    These need pen protection as not built in. So add an extra £80 to £100 to the cost as you MUST have it. Lots of other chargers have it built in so bear this in mind. 
    Pen protection?
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    Dumb question but how much does it usually cost - just on the look out for a charger and trying to assess how good a deal/price this is? Thanks a lot.
    I paid £1060 through OVO for a 15m run under the house and Ohme Home pro.

    Could have got it about £100 cheaper with Octopus, wish I had.

    OVO a pain in the ass, never again!!

    This was back in June. (edited)
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    Also if you have solar panels or plan to have panels then may be worth looking for a charger that is designed to maximise your solar gains.
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    It doesn't make any sense to me that the government are going to penalise people for trying to save the environment with EVs by making them pay road tax from April 2025. What's the story with this, was this in the pipeline all along, or is it a U-turn by the government?
    It’s called bad governance. There’s no joined-up thinking here. It’s inevitable that the next government will have to reintroduce subsidies for EVs.

    It’s obvious that the government should be financially incentivising the transition away from ICEs.
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    Does it come with an extension lead for flat dwellers?
    Do flat dwellers refill petrol from their flat
  28. Avatar
    Your neighbours will love this
    I sense sarcasm. Why would neighbours care?
  29. Avatar
    Good pricing even with the installation, we chose the wallbox Pulsar plus from Amazon for £412, then got Wallbox to install for a shade over £400, so around the same price as this. Nice find op, 🔥

    High praise from the main man! Thank you
  30. Avatar
    Jump starter is extra

  31. Avatar
    Will this be compatible with a Sinclair C5? Asking for a friend
  32. Avatar
    Ridiculous price. Should be half that.
    Why 'should' it
  33. Avatar
    If you are on octopus it's best to go with ones that are compatible with their EV tarrifs, it just makes things easier.
    What if they go bust?
  34. Avatar
    Waiting for government to start the load shedding in this country.
    So true.
    I bet their are many people in the USA regretting getting electric cars
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    The modern society and its media pressurise us to live in this moment. Instant gratification is to be expected. You have the right to enjoy the now, with no consideration of having to pay for it. You must communicate now. You need high speed transport. 15 minutes saved on a 200 mile journey is critical. Faster, faster. Only the slow are losers. Grab what is rightfully yours, and if it belonged elsewhere then they obviously didn't deserve it.
    Yet we are being dictated to that we must protect a planet from circumstances that it has previously survived, so that in 1000 years time, humans that we will have so diluted a connection with that they would, were we to be alive, be of no relevance to us, will not face issues.
    Either we should have a slow and reliable pace, or live now and die in a blaze of glory. Until a constant message is available there can never be a common ground.
    Which is why HS2 is a must and a decent health service isn't.
  36. Avatar
    Some leases don't permit any equipment attached to the visible walls, although satellite dishes seem to be unfortunately exempt locally.
    Don't think so, normally require the landlords permission...
  37. Avatar
    I love the pro & con arguments, so original. The real facts are that we are all destroying the planet, our whole way of life, technology, creature comforts, housing, roads, jobs. Even if many of us could live a much more eco balanced life the sheer number of people alive equates to a unsustainable drain on the planet. So do what you want and let the future generations deal with the aftermath. I know I am.
    Wow. How utterly selfish. Shame on you. There are many things you can do. But obviously you can't cope with making small changes. So you will be forced to don't worry.
  38. Avatar
    Synthetic fuels are the way forwards...
  39. Avatar
    Does it comes with an Electric car?
  40. Avatar
    A few deals on the car chargers lately - im sure with the volume they will get cheaper by the end of the year
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