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Hive Mini Heating and Hot Water Multizone, Self Install, Hubless, White - £47.20 with code delivered (UK Mainland) @ AO / ebay

£47.20£58.9920% off
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Seems like a good price for Hive Mini Heating and Hot Water Multizone for £47.20 with code DEAL20

*It is selling for £58.99 at Screwfix and Amazon

Product Overview

Keep your home cosy (and save yourself some pennies too) with this Hive smart thermostat. Yep, even thermostats are smart now, meaning you’ll be able to control your heating using your phone – no more fiddling with old dials and vague buttons. Or you could use voice commands if you prefer, since it works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, which is perfect if you’ve just cuddled up on the sofa and want it a bit warmer. And the best bit? You can set it all up yourself.

Key Features

  • Smart thermostat - manage your heating remotely
  • Control the heating from your smartphone or device
  • Compatible with your Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri
  • Controls combi boilers
  • Easy self installation

Dimensions (cm): (H)8.3 x (W)8.4 x (D)2.2
Control Using: Smartphone, tablet and laptopSmart
Assistant Compatibility: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and SiriManufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

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  1. Avatar
    This doesnt seem to have a hub which youll probably need as their is another package for sale that includes a hub, all others with this picture say additional thermostat
  2. Avatar
    I already have a Hive thermostat, receiver under the boiler and hub. I'd like to get this to start a dual system, probably getting smart valves, do I need to add the receiver to the boiler or can I just pair the new thermostat with the current receiver ? Thanks
    The new receiver would connect to your zone valve I think, if you have a multi zone system. If instead you get the smart radiator valves then you don't need this as each radiator becomes its own zone effectively.
  3. Avatar
    What’s the difference between this and the normal Hive, do you loose much functionality?
    Doesn't seem to be much difference, less functionality on the thermostat but you can do everything the same on the app
  4. Avatar
    Source? I know they've discontinued home security and monitoring products, but they're supposedly focusing on energy/economy related products instead.
  5. Avatar
    This is a multizone so assumes you already have a hub and another thermostat
  6. Avatar
    I have a 5 year old hive which I installed myself and still works. Does this one offer any benifits over the old one?
    Just found a comparison online. This one is a step backwards to the one I have.
  7. Avatar
    Can this be added to Home Assistant via Zigbee to side-step anything to do with the Hive Servers?
    Yes this is what I do without a hive hub
  8. Avatar
    Does it work with HomeKit?
    Yes and that’s why I’m interested in these. Nest isn’t and the other big one, Tado, supposedly doesn’t support the newer standards like Opentherm. I have a combi and 2 zones so I’m trying to figure out which Hive(s) I need.
  9. Avatar
    Says that a smart hub is required. See screw fixes website : screwfix.com/p/h….ds
  10. Avatar
    Good price, This model is for conventional boiler, looking at the hive details this wouldn't be compatible with a combi boiler
    It does mention combination boiler in the description above
  11. Avatar
    Had Hive for four years, one in each zone in my house. Works flawlessly and the app is good. Prefer the look of this mini version as I don’t really touch the thermostats and just use the app. I would not advise fitting one yourself unless you know what you are doing. The British Gas engineer took over two hours to fit mine and it didn’t look at all straightforward.
    Hiya I have the original give but have a four bed. Would this work on the upstairs rads? I also have hive trv's but they are ot set up correctly really.....will this help?
  12. Avatar
    Had Hive for 6 years saving at least £40 a year in energy

    This will pay for itself inside 6 months at current rates.
  13. Avatar
    I have a system boiler with a hot water and heating programmer on the wall, a radio signal thermostat in the hall and some sort of control unit in the upstairs cupboard next to the hot water cylinder. Can anyone tell me what replaces what? Im really looking to get rid of the hot water and heating programmer to free up the wall space.
  14. Avatar
    I have the original hive and hub, and happy, can i also add this to my current set up to create zones, etc or anything else?
  15. Avatar
    Are these easy to fit to conventional boilers?
  16. Avatar
    Don't you still need a hub for these to work via the app ?
    Yes it needs a hub
  17. Avatar
    If you got the phillips Hir hub this should work with that. 
    NO it won't
    Hue bulbs and plugs have full functionality in hive app, thats it
  18. Avatar
    Do you need a hub to make it work ?
    No. You operate it through the thermostat, which also allows you to set it up for individual times on separate days, and has a boost button on top for immediate hot water and heat.
    Looking at the receiver, this model is for heating systems with a hot water tank, as it has 2 buttons on the bottom right, whereas the combi one only has one.
    Pretty easy to fit, took me about 15 minutes last week. The only tricky bit is disconnecting the old wired thermostat, and replacing with a loop wire.
  19. Avatar
    For a combi, get a google nest. I’ve had one a couple of years. My partner works shifts and I don’t care how cold it is so she likes the ability to turn the heating on before she gets home.

    It does have a schedule and pre-heat function but we don’t use that. (edited)
    You can control Hive via the app which can be installed on multiple devices, so can do the same/similar via the app.
  20. Avatar
    I had the original hive in my previous house. Took the Hub with me to the new house and had to contact hive support to remove the old device so I could pair the new 2 mini ones I got for multizone.
    These are just as good as the original one, I use the app and with the old one I rarely used the buttons on the device. The mini still has commands/menus via 3 touch screen buttons.
  21. Avatar
    Are these easy to install?
  22. Avatar
    Does this work with the smartthings hub can't see to find any info
  23. Avatar
    Is there a new wireless hive thermostat that's available for just combi boiler? Which works without a hive hub to the router?
    Its not new but you can get a hive thermostat for combis, The receiver just doesn't have a hot water switch.
  24. Avatar
    Stupid question - I have an Eero pro 6 set up (which I believe has a Zigbee hub).........do I still need a Hive hub for this?
    Yes. I’ve got 3 zigbee hubs that are not compatible!
  25. Avatar
    Do you need the hive hub to use this?
    hub needed to use the app
  26. Avatar
    I have had the original one, not the mini for about 4 years. Half a year ago I replaced my router. It might be just a coincidence but my thermostat went out of syncing the clock/time. It synced for 2 dates then the clock set back 6-8 hours. I looked online and other people had the same problem. I reset the HUB, the time syncs then 2 days later went off again. So I switched off the HUB and I am happy now. I don't use the app so not missing out much.
  27. Avatar
    I moved into a relatively new house and wanted to install a smart thermostat again but they have a thermostat in the kitchen, directly below the boiler. There's also a remote thermometer which I think connects to the thermostat which is wired into the hallway of the house. So I assume as much as it's a thermostat it's reading from the hallway. It also managed the scheduling for the hot water to hear up.
    Also upstairs is on a separate thermostat and controls the heating up there.

    Too confusing for me to replace it myself so needs a professional, at which point any money saved will be lost on the install.

    Anyway, does anyone have a similar setup like this?
    Not sure about your setup but you could probably replace your hall thermostat with a Hive one and you upstairs one with a Hive multi zone. They wirelessly connect to receivers which replace your existing timer(s) which switch the system on and off. The zone receiver will switch your upstairs zone valve. (edited)
  28. Avatar
    I want one for my underfloor heating in my conservatory will this work?
    not supported by hive
    but a clever electricion should be able to use a relay somehow...
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