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Posted 26 September 2022

Hive Mini Heating Self Install White £88 Delivered With Code (UK Mainland) @ AO/eBay

£88£11020% off
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Seems to be £110 everywhere else


  • Hive Thermostat - get 10% off thermostat installation with Local Heroes. Installation carried out by Local Heroes
  • Beautifully Clear – small but perfectly formed, Mini’s elegant mirrored design and clear interface blends in with your home
  • Easy to Use – change the temperature quickly and simply on the Thermostat itself or use the Hive app to set schedules, boost your heating or hot water or change to Holiday mode
  • Geolocation - with the Hive app, you’ll get a reminder to turn off the heating if you leave home when the heating is due to come on
  • Automatic Frost Protection – if the temperature drops below 7°C in your home, Mini can turn on your heating to stop your pipes from freezing
  • Create and edit heating schedules – set up to six daily time slots to heat your home, seven days a week
  • Hive App: turn your heating on and off via the Hive app or with your voice
eBay More details at eBay

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  1. Avatar
    Had Hive at the place we just moved to. They won't let you transfer a hub to a new owner. They want you to throw away a perfectly usable hub and buy a new one from them just to keep using a previously installed system. Needless to say we binned the whole thing off and went with a competitor.
  2. Avatar
    this work for ccombi boiler?
    The ebay description doesn't say and shows a picture of the one with hot water but the model number they show 852031 is for the one suitable for a combi boiler.
  3. Avatar
    Got this today, hub was included! 👌
    Excellent news. In that case, a bargain
  4. Avatar
    With our without hub? Picture shows with hub…. But your description says without?
    That's the pic on ao's site but the description clearly states require hub (which I've bolded). I'll try and find a more representative pic I'm an Evohome man so not too au fait with hive. apologies. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Plus you will need to wire it too your boiler so the self install thing is a lie (edited)
    I installed my Google Nest in minutes. You just replace your existing thermostat with a sensor unit which talks to a separate controller you manually set.
  6. Avatar
    I can't see anywhere on the eBay listing that says there's no hub. Where did you copy the product description from?
  7. Avatar
    852031 is product code on listing , google that and says hub inc hth

    The plot thickens, should I put the original pic back up?
  8. Avatar
    We live in a townhouse which has two heating zones (one for ground floor living area and one for bedrooms on the 1st and 2nd floor) however they can only be controlled from the panels.
    If I already have a hive hub from our old house can I just buy two of the kits which have the hive mini thermostat and receivers? (edited)
  9. Avatar
    Can you use the Amex £15 off a PayPal spend on this?
  10. Avatar
    Cheers OP. Been meaning to get Hive again after having it in my previous house.
    Very welcome
  11. Avatar
    48319281-k7QMu.jpgAnyone else get the message "Code could not be applied to your order"? It shouldn't be expired just yet? (11:59 tonight) (edited)
    Just tried, it still works.
    Also the same unit is available for 87.99 from ebay toolstation here
  12. Avatar
    Got an discounted order in with seconds to spare 😁 my parents have been asking for this exact system so pretty happy with that.

    That was tight (edited)