Hive multi zone thermostat Argos ebay store - £99

Hive multi zone thermostat Argos ebay store - £99

Found 18th May 2017
Just picked up a hub starter pack and was on the look out for extras and spotted this.
Available for instant pick up in store.
Cheapest I've seen without having to sign up to the robdogs that are British Gas.
(Requires home heating hub)
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This or Nest? I have a combi boiler, frequently changing the temp due to kids and wife wanting it at different levels at different times of the day. is there one that self programmes based on patterns?
This is the Multi Zone add-on. This cannot be used as a standalone thermostat, correct? It seems you already need a Hive thermostat and hub:

"Once a Hive Active Heating thermostat has been purchased for the first zone, upgrade with the Hive Active Heating Multi-Zone to control extra heating zones."

If so, the title/description needs to be amended for clarity.
You can get it supplied and installed for £50 more here -…400

It works..
so is this an add on or the full thermostat system ?
Just buy Hive Active HeatingTM for the first zone and then upgrade to Hive Multizone for the extra heating zones in your home. The Hive Multizone kit contains the thermostat and receiver as the Hive Hub is included with Hive Active Heating
\x0dHow does a zonal heating system work?\x0dEach individual thermostat you have enables you to set a different temperature in each zone. This means that you could have a hotter temperature in one area and a cooler temperature in another. Zonal heating helps you save energy because you can heat sepa rate parts of your home rather than the whole house.

How does Hive support a zonal heating system?\x0dHive Multizone will support up to 2 additional heating zones as long as you have a zone valve that the Hive receiver can cont rol in your zonal heating system.\x0dWhat is a zone valve?\x0dA zone valve is used to control the flow of heating in a zonal system so you can heat different parts of your home separately. For example, when one zone needs heating , that zone’s valves open and guide the hot water to the radiators or in-floor pipes in that area.

If anyone thought buying just the thermostat allows you to control heat in separate areas. Obviously the are not magic hot water diverters and will require an accompanying 'zone valve' or some sort of hive wireless TRV.
£98 at ebuyer and toolstation.....

You can get it supplied and installed for £50 more here - … You can get it supplied and installed for £50 more here - works..

Not the same item, this is the multizone add-on
Non-deal. It's £99 everywhere, including Maplin where you can get also 7% Quidco cash back. For what it's worth this multizone add on is frequently 'properly' on sale. I got one from Wickes for £79 in January.
Pffft, £99 everywhere is right. Just not a deal,,,,, move along people, nothing to see here. This is only an add-on to the Hive system IF you already have the Hive heating installed. It is needed for 3rd and higher zones
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