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Hive Thermostat Mini Heating & Hot Water (Hubless) £34 + Free Collection @ Very

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Seems like a cracking deal considering Amazon is selling it for £92.20

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Hive Thermostat Mini Heating & Hot Water (Hubless) - enjoy smart control via your phone or tablet.

The Hive Thermostat Mini is part of the next generation of smart heating devices, letting you control your heating and hot water tank via an app either while at home or away.

With features like Geolocation and smart scheduling, Mini works proactively in your home to save you money and energy by ensuring you're only heating your home and hot water when you need to. And it protects your home too, with Frost Protection working to ensure your pipes don't freeze in the winter.

The Hive Mini's clear and simple design will blend seamlessly into your home as it gets to work in the background. Hive works no matter who supplies your energy and will work with your existing heating system. With Hive, you'll never need to heat an empty home again so you could save up to £110 a year on your heating bills.
  • Beautifully Clear – small but perfectly formed.
  • Easy to Use – change the temperature quickly and simply on the Thermostat itself or use the Hive app to set schedules.
  • Geolocation* – with the Hive app, you’llg et a reminder to turn on the heating or hot water on
  • Automatic Frost Protection - if the temperature drops below 7°C in your home, Mini can turn on your heating to stop your pipes from freezing .
  • Create and edit heating schedules – set up to six daily time slots to heat your home, seven days a week
  • Boost your heating give your heatin a boost for up to six hours on chilly days
Very More details at Very

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  1. Avatar
    After spending a lot on Hive Cameras to find they are stopping supporting them and even worse they are bricking them - I wouldn't spend £1 on any other of their products, - pocket-lint.com/sma…022
    I also read that you can't deregister a hub to sell it, so if you buy a second hand hub off eBay that has been registered it won't work.
  2. Avatar
    where to buy hub?

    Can i use this without HUB? (edited)
    I've done some googling and found that you can use it without hub, the hub is if you want to control it with your phone.
  3. Avatar
    Ordered! No option for click & collect, so had to pay for postage  
    Looks like it will work alongside the bigger therm with the knob in multizone mode
  4. Avatar
    Can you use this in conjunction with the larger thermostat and have them in different areas of the house?
    I already have the larger one set up and connections to the boiler.
    Cheers (edited)
    As long as your different areas of the house have zone valves fitted, each stat can then control different zones (edited)
  5. Avatar
    So if you want to control this with your phone you need the hub as well which is £48 on hive website at the moment. You can buy the hive mini thermostat and hub cheaper elsewhere than buying this deal and hub seperate.

    You also need the hub to set up a schedule as you can't do that on the device itself. (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Sounds like a good price however if they are discontinuing their products, it sounds concerning that they apps and everything will disappear in the coming months and years so may become useless, unbelievable
  7. Avatar
    Can you have the bigger therm with the knob AND this one - I am thinking one for downstairs and one for upstairs
    Want to know this too but don’t think so as how would the system know which one to use for temperature?
  8. Avatar
    Would the hub nano 2.5 work with this?
  9. Avatar
    Note: This comes without the hive hub, which I believe you will need unless you already have one. (edited)
    I thought the hub was purely to connect to the net and use the app? I was under the impression this would still work without it, but you'd lose some of the smart functionality?
  10. Avatar
    £44.99 on Amazon currently (edited)
  11. Avatar
    Can someone advise please, I have a spare hub and wanted to get this for my parents but does it include the receiver that attaches to the boiler? Cheers
    Yes it does, I got this from Very and it states on the box that the boiler receiver is included.
  12. Avatar
    Jebus, British Gas are slinging this for £85 AFTER discount!!!
  13. Avatar
    is this combi version or boiler version
    They have both on the site for £34
  14. Avatar
    Could you put this in each room instead of the hive TRV?
    Nope, unless you have a multi zone system set up on your boiler (most don't)
  15. Avatar
    Thanks, already have a hub so perfect price.
  16. Avatar
    Okay so I bought one ‘accidently’ I have nothing else of Hive. What else do I need to get this to work please? Dual zone heating with a hot water tank 😬
  17. Avatar
    Can anyone help...I have a combi boiler but no thermostat (I have to go to the boiler to turn it on) could this hive thermostat work? Or do I need someone to fit it?
    You would need someone to fit it - there are 2 parts: 1 part is connected to your boiler, the other is the portable mini thermostat. When the mini thermostat reaches the set min. temperature it sends a signal to the boiler part to start heating your home.

    If you want to setup schedules and turn it on/off remotely eg. Turn the heating on so it's warm when you get home, you'll need the Hub version and the mobile app.
  18. Avatar
    Does anyone know if this will connect to an existing boiler receiver - I have a version 1 original system with hub, but don't want to be bothered worrying in a new receiver (although easy as I've already done it into the boiler, just being lazy)? Don't really need to change as the thermostat is not touched since always control things through the phone, but this looks smarter (especially at this price)?
  19. Avatar
    I cannot get it to allow me free click and collect.

    it worked fine for another order a few days account on my account but isn’t an option today.
    Any suggestions……?
  20. Avatar
    Do not buy these things, they're absolute garbage.

  21. Avatar
    Due to move home soon. My plan was to take the hub with me, but leave the thermostat for the new owner. I figure it'll work for them that way and they can add a hub if they want the internet functionality.

    Presumably this comes with the connection plate needed for the boiler and I just use my old hub for the internet bit?
  22. Avatar
    Now out of stock 
  23. Avatar
    Whats the difference between this and the larger one which I have? Is it worth replacing
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