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Hive Leak Sensor FREE to British Gas HomeCare Customers
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
I've just had this email through, I thought it might be worth highlighting for anyone with a British Gas HomeCare arrangement and Hive set up. The deal link takes you to a page whe… Read more
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I had the same. Dispatched then 2 days later cancelled. I managed to get 2 plugs delivered through my BG account. Then i phoned up hive yesterday and asked why my order has been marked as dispatched but hadn't received anything yet. They told me it was cancelled and they don't send "dispatch emails". So she then ordered me the leak sensor again. Told them I'd cancel my hive installation tomorrow and send all the stuff back (lol)


This deal is only available to people actually emailed by British Gas, if you use the link it looks like it's worked but they just cancel your order after a couple of days


I got an email to say it is only for selected customers , they won't send me one ! After reading the comments above though i'm pleased i'm not one of the chosen few to get one ;)


Just seen mine regretted it after looking into it after so no biggy


Mine's been cancelled too

X-Men Collection Blu Ray (8 Films) £11.15 hive
Found 13th NovFound 13th Nov
X-Men Collection blu Ray 8 films £11.15, apply code VCHIVEWINT for £10.59 @ FREE DELIVERY Format: Blu-ray Certification: (12) Ean: 5039036078696 Cat no: 7072207000 … Read more

looking at the insane prices of their other blurays this might be a misprice


I think it's all caps when I entered it but I did register with them


Code not working, do you have to be registered?


Your right! Done (y)


If its possible to get £10.59, you should update the post title.

The Demon Headmaster: The Complete Series DVD £17.79 delivered at Hive
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Throwback! This guy REALLY freaked me out as kid. Anyone else? This is the best price around for the DVD set (in case you want to traumatise your own kids) All 19 episode… Read more

Haha! Thank you for that reminder ..... ;) XD


I remember the demon headmaster was scary series at the time. Can anyone else remember the CBBC series The Ghost Hunter? it used to have creepy opening titles


Is this the show where they had those creepy green eyes?! If right I remember it was the scariest series I ever watched as a kid and probably the creepiest thing CBBC ever made lol! Millarcat you must be around 30yrs old then, ahh our childhood seems so long ago now!


Does anyone know where you can source a donwloadedable or Digital verison from?


Wow, Jack Straw had a great career!

Ash Vs Evil Dead Complete Season 1-3 Bluray £31.79 pre-order @
Found 2nd OctFound 2nd Oct
Currently the cheapest pre-order on the complete Ashy-Slashy blu-ray collection.
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Still bitter about them cancelling it on a cliff hanger...


Can be bought in Amazon


Supposedly coming to Netflix in the future. I wouldn't hold my breath though. Oh, and funniest reintroduction to the character of Ash after decades gone. Season One, episode one, scene one: - Romantic interlude:Toilet cubicle: Jumpscare - you know the one. (lol) (highfive)


Lol I don't steal it I didn't even take it (popcorn) .


Irritatingly I already bought the first 2 a 6 months back

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The Tim Burton 8 Film Collection [Blu-ray] £11.85 delivered @ Hive [Batman, Mars Attacks, Beetlejuice, Corpse Bride + more]
Found 11th SepFound 11th Sep
Cheapest I've seen this and thought it was a fab price for a really good collection. Collection of eight films from director Tim Burton. In 'Batman' (1989) the streets of Gotham C… Read more
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Considering he's made films for various competing studios (including 20th Century Fox, Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount, and Columbia) you're unlikely to get all his films in one set. At least, not until Disney have bought all the other studios.


Because these are the tim burton movies warner released. What is missing? I bet they aren't warner films :)


Huh? I guess there is no accounting for taste. Id say plenty are well regarded. Also the pee wee film has never been sold separately in the UK so its rare really.




Agreed, the Batman films are about as good as it gets. Charlie and the Choice Factory (in particular) was a stinker, Gene Wilder nailed it in the original.

X-Men - The Cerebro Collection (First 7 Films: Blu-Ray Boxset) £8.09 delivered @ Hive
Found 8th SepFound 8th Sep
Thought this was daft cheap for seven really good films. The first seven films of the 'X-Men' franchise starring Hugh Jackman as James 'Logan' Howlett, aka Wolverine. In ' X-Men ' … Read more
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5% quidco :)


Yeah Logan (excited)


I had assumed Logan really,I was just being silly :)


Awesome deal OP thanks AW (nerd) Steaming hot!


More likely, Logan. I liked Apocalypse though 😁

Death Note: Complete Series and OVA Collection (Blu-ray Boxset) £23.55 @ Hive
Refreshed 23rd AugRefreshed 23rd Aug
Death Note: Complete Series and OVA Collection (Blu-ray Boxset) £23.55 @ Hive
£23.55£29.9921%hive Deals
Cheapest I've seen this (my favourite Anime series) on Blu-ray. On Blu-ray for the first time! Collected across 6 discs containing all 37 episodes of the hit anime series plus the… Read more
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Ordered. Thanks op


I got irrationally angry reading this despite the obvious sarcasm


Extra 5% off with this code VCHIVESUM18


I hate reading subtitles too but English dubs are just lame,voices don’t match and there is alot of words censored or changed...that kills the charm of anime for me.


Dubbed for me. Hate reading subtitles (lol)

Free hive dimmable light - check email from Hive
Found 20th JulFound 20th Jul
Free hive dimmable light - check email from Hive
Check emails carefully, I just got an email and was about to delete it with all the others. Email Title: What are you missing? Basically they send you a dimmable light bulb free … Read more

just received mine - no catch


No it's not.


It's a referral when you get hive. If someone buys through your link you get a free bulb


It won't be as it would be useless to them and Hive won't have their details.


I’m with hive, no email to me.

The Demon Headmaster - The Complete Series [DVD] - £22.05 @ Hive
14/04/2019Expires on 14/04/2019Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
The Demon Headmaster - The Complete Series [DVD] - £22.05 @ Hive
£23.99hive Deals
Product Description NOMINATED FOR A BAFTA IN 1997, THE DEMON HEADMASTER IS A HUGELY-SUCCESSFUL CBBC SERIES. Adapted from the award-winning children's novels written by Gillian Cro… Read more
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Its the law (popcorn)


I had to sing that...


Would you rather have the coin from the Queen's Nose or Bernard's Watch?


Prefered the books :{


Great programme. Even today if someone is wearing reactolite glasses that are tinted indoors I call them the Denon Headmaster. Always look sinister to me!

Attack on Titan: The Movie - Part 1 & Part 2 [Blu-ray] £7.19 each delivered @ Hive
Found 22nd MayFound 22nd May
Attack on Titan: The Movie - Part 1 & Part 2 [Blu-ray] £7.19 each delivered @ Hive
£7.19£8.9920%hive Deals
OK, I appreciate this is a bit niche and leftfield but I loved the Anime series so thought I'd give these a go and thought the price was very decent. Fast-forward 100 years. What r… Read more

I haven’t seen the movies but I gave up half way through season 2. Just got too weird.


Good deal makes me wanna bite my hand


My son won a cosplay comp' as Armin Arlert so I guess he'll like this deal...heat..


I liked it. It could've been a hell of a lot worst. Enjoy it for what it is.


Hey Dude, I've voted hot - it's a good deal for these... But be prepared to be really disappointed. No spoilers, but they go in a different direction with the plot, and it's very poor. It's a shame, because I actually think they did a great job of the effects and stuff (I like how it's not just all CGI).

The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia Limited Edition £38.89 @ Hive with code
Found 25th JanFound 25th Jan
The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia Limited Edition £38.89 @ Hive with code
£38.89hive Deals
I posted it earlier on amazon for 56.99 but this price is way better, credit to jco83 for finding it code NEWYEAR18

Mine has been dispatched (nerd)


i dunno what i used to pay for it but they cancelled it , they said if i refer my old order i would get my money for the difference


Is that what it said in the email they sent you? The email they sent me didn't say that. I payed using PayPal. And I ordered before making my comment on another thread which this deal post was derived from.


Maybe the 15% off code made it not really worth their while for more than a few orders :/ Or that code combined with HUKD's affiliate fee. Maybe


says they are only able to store payment for a certain amount of time

The Hobbit Trilogy/The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Extended 30 Disk collection £46.40 [WITH CODE] / £54.59 before code @ Hive
Found 31st Dec 2017Found 31st Dec 2017
The Hobbit Trilogy/The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Extended 30 Disk collection £46.40 [WITH CODE] / £54.59 before code @ Hive
£46.40£49.997%hive Deals
£49.99 at Amazon and out of stock - listed at £54.99 here however there is a 15% off code that brings the price down to £46.40. Great price and in stock with free delivery! Code … Read more

2K is 2048x1080 and typically cropped to 1998×1080. So not that much better than HD at 1920x1080. I doubt anyone would be able to tell at normal viewing distances.


Remember as well that official 2k isn't HD(1080p) and official 4k isn't UHD (2160p) so a 2k master is better quality than HD, but still not near UHD


LOTR was filmed on 35mm but then scanned-in for digital post processing at 2K. The Hobbit was "filmed" digitally at 5K but then downsized to 2K for post processing. It would require a lot of rework on grading and digital SFX to produce a native 4K of either. They would most likely just run it through an upscaler instead.


[quote=ccparkhill]I believe the SFX were rendered in 2K so would need to be upscaled.[/quote] I believe you're right, and PJ is not willing to work on a 4k release. There's an interesting article on recent films and masters here


I believe the SFX were rendered in 2K so would need to be upscaled.

Highway Rat 9" soft toy was £19.99 now £13.58 delivered for Christmas with code @ Hive
Found 17th Dec 2017Found 17th Dec 2017
Highway Rat 9" soft toy was £19.99 now £13.58 delivered for Christmas with code @ Hive
£13.58hive Deals
My little boy is crazy about this book by Julia Donaldson and we all know it off by heart. It's going to be on BBC one on Christmas Day at 4.45 with David Tennant voicing the rat s… Read more

I'm the dandy highwayrat who you're too scared to mention, I spend my cash on looking flash and grabbing your attention!


Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes was on last year.


Gruffalo child 2011, room brrom halloween 2012, stick man 2015


My son has loads of these types of books, well loads of books full stop. Could've sworn we had bought him some other characters. Love watching them, and reading them, with him. Don't know who enjoys them more. They should do a tv version of Charlie Cook's Favourite book.


Year before last was stick man year before was room on the broom. They are all on over Christmas :)

Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction e-book - 99p at
Found 17th Dec 2017Found 17th Dec 2017
Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction e-book - 99p at
I was looking to buy this book from Asda for £4 but spotted a downloadable version for 99p. The book has instructions on how to build various 'weapons' out of household items

Only in Lilliput.


They've invaded countries for less...


Hello my name is Donald Thump and I have nuked a small colony of North Koreans living in the corner of my living room.


How tasteful. Will I end up on a watchlist if I buy this?


Yes, it is in store in Asda for £4. I will also be buying from there as it is a gift

Black Butler: The Complete Second Season £7.79 @
Found 5th Dec 2017Found 5th Dec 2017
Black Butler: The Complete Second Season £7.79 @
The complete second series, including OVA episodes, of the anime that follows the adventures of a demonic butler and his master. This series focuses on a new butler and master.… Read more
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as a side note the bluray release of this that Funi did in America is region B friendly. same with season 1. but season 1 has recently gone out of print so can get very expensive (£50-£100) this season you can get for about £26 in the classics range from somewhere like wowhd. the bluray is region B but the DVDs that come with it to are region 1


yeah Black Butler season 2 didnt seem to gel well with season 1 to me. just something about it . felt like a different writer or something. doesnt help only being 12 episodes. then a 6 random "behind the actors studio" like ova episodes and alice in wonderland episodes. didnt do anything for me. first season is excellent though aswell as book of circus


Waiting for book of Atlantic to come out :3 can't wait


Love black butler but season two was poor imo, one and three were amazing though.

Ash Vs Evil Dead: The Complete First Season Blu Ray - £21.79 / Ash Vs Evil Dead: The Complete Second Season Blu Ray - £21.79 @
Found 6th Jul 2017Found 6th Jul 2017
Ash Vs Evil Dead: The Complete First Season Blu Ray - £21.79 / Ash Vs Evil Dead: The Complete Second Season Blu Ray - £21.79 @
£21.79hive Deals
Topcashback - 4.04% / Quidco - 5% Release date: 18/09/2017 Zavvi - £24.99 Amazon / HMV- £34.99
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My order was just cancelled with no real explanation!!!


yep, 2nd series is amazing. 1st series dropped off after a great opening but 2nd one maintains momentum throughout. Hail to the King!


Groovy! If you like the films you'll love this - the writers and the whole cast must have had so much fun making it. Perfect blend of comedy, cheese and ott gore... It's a blast! :D


i never even knew this existed!! HOT just because of that! THANK YOU!


Only half way through season 2 but it's better than the first imo, which was pretty good

Disney DVD's from £4.39 delivered eg 101 Dalmations, Alice in Wonderland, Enchanted, Hocus Pocus and loads more @ Hive
Found 17th May 2017Found 17th May 2017
Disney DVD's from £4.39 delivered eg 101 Dalmations, Alice in Wonderland, Enchanted, Hocus Pocus and loads more @ Hive
Loads of brand new Disney DVD's delivered from Hive from just £4.39 Great for the school half term coming up or just because you collect Disney DVD's! Get deal link takes you to … Read more

You might want to change the get deal pick, you might get cold voted due to "Planes"

We're Going on a Bear Hunt 8" Soft Toy £10.49 / 9.5" Soft Toy £12.49 delivered at Hive
Found 5th Jan 2017Found 5th Jan 2017
We're Going on a Bear Hunt 8" Soft Toy £10.49 / 9.5" Soft Toy £12.49 delivered at Hive
£10.49hive Deals
If the kids have read the book, watched it on tv, they may just love this bear! Soft and Cuddly toy from the classic children's book We're Going on a Bear Hunt. Size: 9.5 inches … Read more

Never saw it but the adverts for it was enough for me to see, utterly awful attempt at trying to hang on to the coatails of snowman etc SWISHYYYYYY SWASHYYYYYYY SWISHYYYYYYYYY oh shut the hell up who goes searching for bears in their spare time.


Clicked on this thinking it was some kind of magical smart bear to do with hive heating and lighting. :(


Heat! :) the children loved watching it X)


we love the book but the TV programme was atrocious. so depressing!


TV adaptation was terrible.