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Hive Thermostat Without Hub + Free Echo Dot £79.20 at HiveHome
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
This deal runs out 6th Jan today. From the official Hive shop, Thermostat minus Hub for £79.20 and they send you a free echo dot. I bought it, just have to ring up to say you don’t… Read more
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I have a brand new Hive 2 active heating without installation Hub, Thermostat sealed and the receiver which is not compatible with my old thermostat ( has two wire ) so I will not keep it. Text me. BR75JD


Crazy having to wait until March 8 for the echo dot and it comes directly from amazon have they completely run out after selling for £25 before xmas?


Had mine delivered and BG man fit it today, great bit of kit so i have 2 light bulbs , 1 active plug , 2 hubs (all free from BG) hive thermostat and receiver (£80) BG did annual service today and BG man fit receiver ( £10 cash (y) ) Total of £90 (y) Just waiting for more light bulbs and plugs now


I got Hive with free British Gas installation back in November and I have had an unbelievable amount of problems. The engineer failed to leave the Hub because I already had one, had to complain to get it. The thermostat then bricked itself after a couple of weeks during an automated firmware update so I needed a replacement, and the replacement has lost connection to my receiver and needed a factory reset twice. British Gas also kept sending me letters asking me to pay a £124 installation fee and Hive didn't want to know when I contacted them about it despite me not purchasing anything from British Gas. British Gas were difficult to deal with but eventually told me it was sorted and the invoice cancelled, until I received a letter a few days before Christmas threatening to pass my details to a debt collection agency within 7 days of a letter dated 5 days prior. I sent a complaint to Hive about it all but not had a response after nearly three weeks. I can't say I'll be buying another Hive product in a hurry.


Merry Christmas LOZ

Hive View @ Hive- £143.20 delivered @ Hivehome
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
189.00 at Currys, Argos, John Lewis etc Both colours available. Seems like available until tomorrow only.
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There isn't, if you can setup your own devices then your money will go a lot further. They just tap in to a market where people already have other devices and will pay a premium to add further devices. Not an issue, I can understand why, simple setup and it works, but i prefer to tinker


Cheers Chris, very helpful info.


It integrates with other hive devices. So you can setup monitoring patterns for the times when you're out of the house, and it'll notify you via your phone when movement that matches a person is detected, or sounds are heard etc. You can then use talk via the camera to someone. You can also configure it so that when e.g. movement is detected, lights are turned on etc It was useful for us over the Xmas holiday to check that the cats were being fed, as we'd asked a number of people to help with this. You can probably achieve a lot of this with other devices for less money... if you already have the Hive infrastructure it's not a bad addition - maybe a little pricey for what it is.


I paid 129 from Amazon, 19th Dec - so unless you're desperate for one, I'd suggest watching & waiting for a lower price. The device is okay for what it is, good quality etc Not sure I'd buy another one though. It's a bit annoying that it can not be used/configured through the web UI.


What is the advantage of these cameras costing sometimes 5 times the price of the yi 1080 cameras?

Hive Active Heating with Free Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen - £143.20 @ Hivehome
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Price does not include installation. Price is for Hive Active Heating kit without hot water tank (not sure if this made a difference to the price). Product can be found slightly … Read more
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I have a brand new Hive 2 active heating without installation Hub, Thermostat sealed and the receiver which is not compatible with my old thermostat ( has two wire ) so I will not keep it. Text me. BR75JD


offer seems to have expired


The price without the hub and no installation is £99 how do you get it for £79.20?


persevere i had to put phone down twice on clueless operatives 3rd one was ok and my order went through ok , just waiting on it now


Ok wtaf is the craic with these fools?? - I can't add the product to the cart - the incomprehensible person on the helpline asked me for account details, which I don't have - there's nowhere to register on the website as far as I can tell - the website advertises subscriptions but doesn't say that you do/don't require one (only partially related) - nobody responded to my online chat How do they sell anything???

Hive heating and smart home sale 20% off
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
Hive has a sale on until 6th January for 20% off heating and smart home accessories. I have the heating and a smart plug and it seems to be decent kit. Still expensive compared to … Read more

Same deal rolled out regularly


Great find, been checking against Amazon and eBay and this sale is currently best-priced unless you can find an eBay auction


Postage then boosts the price up again


Been on for days now, most things you can get cheaper elsewhere.

Hive Dimmable Bulbs 20% off in Winter Sale stackable with 20% off code from British Gas Rewards.
Found 21st Dec 2018Found 21st Dec 2018
This is my first deal, so please be gentle. I've just seen that Hive have started their Winter Sale with 20% off most items. British Gas Rewards have been offering 20% off select … Read more

That's a bit harsh, this is their first posted deal. Give them a break (poo) Edit Just seen you are suspended, I know what that feels like, lol. Anyway, no great loss I spose. Hang on, I'm talking to myself :p


Thanks. I've set the end date to yesterday. Hopefully that expires it. (:I


Cold for being a liar.


Been there eager to post and messed it up. No biggie just expire post. Heat for trying :D :D


Well said (y)

20% off Hive Pack "Welcome Home Plan"
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
Whether you’re staying out late or staying cosy under the covers, get your home just how you like it with the Welcome Home Plan from Hive. It’s got everything you need to get your … Read more

Cheaper on Black Friday from memory. Ild wait to see if it drops more after Christmas


I’ve still got 2 in sealed boxes too (highfive) eveytime they gave me the lights, heating & plug they came with a hub 🤫


Hive stuff still too expensive.


I bought a brand new sealed hub for £20 on ebay last week.


Got all these (not Hive but connect to Alexa via Smart Life app ) for £40 odd and work fine (though struggling to find a use for them ) I have the Hive hub (came with the CH deal ) but wouldn't consider paying Hive or Hue prices (even at the permanent "deal" prices ). Top tip - buy bulbs and plugs for a third the price from Amazon , then if like me you fail to find a practical use for them you will have wasted less money having a little fun for a few days :D

Possible Glitch on Hive leak detector getting it for free for everyone with a Hive account.
Found 27th Nov 2018Found 27th Nov 2018
If you follow the above link or this one - Answer yes to all three questions about your Stop tap and then log into your hive account (I t… Read more
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Waiting for mine still I've been bamboozled (mad)


Tax dodgers like you steal more public money than the disabled, poor and pensioners cost put together. Merry Christmas.






Just wondering if anyone actually received one? Mine still hasn’t arrived

Price Match by Hivehome Hive Active Heating + Hot Water +Professional Installation + Echo Dot (3rd Gen) £148.99
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Hivehome is price matching Amazon’s offer with 3rd Gen Echo Dot. Extra combo especially for houses with multizone like myself, we get the multizone hive for only £74.25! Making… Read more

Hive didn't price match for me. In the end there was no need to ask for a price match. I just ordered from Amazon (the £148 deal with echo) and then when the device arrived I used the installation code on Hive website. There was an option to upgrade to multizone for £74.25 (normal price £99). So in total £223.24.


I have a Vallient combi boiler. I dont have a house thermostat but have a timer clock on the vallient fixed. I dont have a clue about HIVE but would this be fine to control my heating and water? Do i need anything else? plz help thanks


Hi I got a pricematch from hive, had to call their customer service line. Tell them about the Amazon deal and they will almost match it. Actually what they do is they can match upto 40% of their deals. For me(as i am not a British Gas customer) they matched it against their full price deal at £249.00 and gave me a price of 1x Hive Active Heating™ £149.40(with a 3rd Gen Dot) Not bad good price


Hive home would not price match that price for me on live chat


How do you get it to 148.99

2 x New Hive Outdoor Cameras from Hive for £305.10 @ Hivehome
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
Pre-order for 10%off price and order 2 for additional £19 discount.



Agree. No issues at all


Hue works with hive hub.


Yeah, the deal at Screwfix is a considerable drop in price. It actually makes them cheaper than buying the Hue equivalent in double packs, but only just, and that price won't last. Then they're just not as versatile as Hue and when you can use the Philips bulbs with Hive anyway, I know where I'm going for my smart lighting. Not to be negative about Hive at all, they're decent products and I'm glad I was a British Gas customer for the couple of months I was to get their heating kit at such a good price.


Yes, I have one on the front door that switches on two lamps if the door is opened after dusk (or any other time you request) works great

Hive Thermostat in Hive Black Friday deal 25% off. No hub included but free echo dot - £74.25 @ Hivehome
Found 17th Nov 2018Found 17th Nov 2018
Hive Active Heating Thermostat for £74.25 without hub. If you need installation it’s £149.25. Alternatively with Hub it’s £134.25 and £186.75 for professional installation. Seems … Read more
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Anyone received this yet? Taking their time with delivery


got it, now too sell it 😁


Within an hour for me


how long till ya receive email for echo dot


yay got it, spoke on fb chat and there send order quote thought email, cheapest price for me for self install,(only 4 wires, and sonoff temp control wired in) and already got free hub from British gas, just need too sell echo dot and it's even cheaper

Hive - 25% Off - Black Friday Deal
Found 15th Nov 2018Found 15th Nov 2018
25% Off Bulbs, Plugs, Sensors etc in the Hive Black Friday Sale

Got it! Thanks


The hub is needed to control your hive devices via your phone. Without the hub your boiler will only work through the thermostat.


Noob question.... what is the purpose of the hub? There are two versions of the Hive heater/water control - one with the hub and one without. What does the hub add?


they have issues with Hive thermostats eating batteries after a year in otherwise faultless use. The water leak sensor goes off line regularly. You have to have the hub, which is annoying as it is registered to you so cannot be sold if you decide to change.


My Hive has been in for 2 years, heating never missed a beat, lights always work and the motion sensor dropped out once, called customer service and sorted over the phone..... she did add "by the way your xmas lights are offline", which was a bit creepy - guess they can see everything.

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd gen) for £25 (plus £2.95 delivery) @ Hive
Refreshed 27th Oct 2018Refreshed 27th Oct 2018
***Note this version of the Echo Dot has now been replaced by the 3rd Generation** Amazon Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, control … Read more
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I got a email of them today asking for feedback and I got my free Amazon 3rd gen dot. But I paid for it a month ago. Waited for ages. So I rang them and they just said the email was a mistake....


Same after receiving refund, just had big surprise recieved 2nd gen black and 3rd gen white.... I love hives incompetence ?


anyone have a complaints email address for this lot? they don't reply to their normal emails I've noticed. Failing that might go via the credit card. Can't remember if i put it on the debit though (doh)


I cancelled and also received mine. Absolutely a joke of a company. So glad I bought nest now and not a hive.


Cancelled but got one anyway?!

Hive - 20% off Lights
Found 25th Oct 2018Found 25th Oct 2018
Hive currently have 20% off lights. It looks to be existing customers only but it you follow the below link it applies the discount.… Read more

Ordered the echo 5 days on got an email saying no stock will email status next Friday


In reality it's straight forward... Leave the light switch in the on position. To turn the lights on either... Press the switch off then back on again Turn on in the app Ask Alexa to turn them on. To turn them off, Use the app Ask alexa to do it. Just don't turn them off at the switch - if you do, you'll only be able to turn them back on at the switch.


I was looking at buying these when they came up on the Screwfix offer a few weeks ago but I saw a review that put me off because it seemed pretty fiddly using Hive with a normal wall switch. One of the main things I want them for is to be able to have them coming on/off on a timer when I'm not at home, but the fitting I had in mind has a 4-bulb cluster, so I'm assuming I would have to use Hive bulbs for the whole fitting. How does this work with the wall switch, as I'm assuming you have to leave the wall switch in the "on" position for Hive to be able to control the lights. Does this mean that you have to open/toggle the app on the phone each time to regain manual control, and then remember to leave the switch "on" and re-activate Hive when you leave the house? I'm just trying to get an idea of how it would work in every day use?


I've added a link to the other HUKD post for the echo dot


A Free Hive Leak Sensor from British Gas (HomeCare Customers only)
Found 25th May 2018Found 25th May 2018
Got usual junkmail through the post but today British Gas are giving away a Hive Leak Sensor to HomeCare Customers. To claim your Hive Leak Sensor visit and … Read more

Mine was rejected found it on another page answer yes to all the questions


Mine not regonised either,maybe time to change?


That's a bit harsh. I only posted a deal........ ;)


No joy here, its obviously accunt specific, only those eligible will get one. Same happened last time, they just pitching these in thse areas to test out the leak sensr for them


"Oops. We've checked our records and it looks like you’re not eligible as we cannot find your BritishGas HomeCare reference number". It can find my bank details to take money off me every month, but it can't find my reference number. Thank you very much indeedy

20% off at Hive including Hive Active Heating with installation £199.20 at Hivehome
Found 25th May 2018Found 25th May 2018
20% off at Hive including Hive Active Heating with installation £199.20 at Hivehome
£199.20£249.9920%Hivehome Deals
20% off a range of hive products. Ends 3 June. £199.20 for Hive with installation, cheapest currently available with installation that I can see. Thanks to Kin - 2.02% on topcash… Read more
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Irrespective of the price, I bought one of these under an Amazon offer sometime ago and think the system is great. These new systems that you can control from your phone, are really useful and I would definitely buy one again.


Got one on eBay for 160 2 days ago.


Thanks Kin, it has been cheaper in the past but this is the best deal I am aware of that is available right now.


I bought this and additional stat for 270 from them with install for both. So im happy with that.


Was on amazon truck deal 2 days ago for £150 can buy from ebay between £125-£150 sealed

Hive Easter Sale - 20% Off Selected Hive Products
Found 29th Mar 2018Found 29th Mar 2018
Hive Easter Sale - 20% Off Selected Hive Products
Easter sale; 20% Off Selected Hive Products & One month free on selected Hive plans
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Is there a monthly subscription for these?


Yep no issue with mine updating either


Mine did next time opened app


stupidly high prices to start with.


Surprised they know it's Easter, the thermostat can't change when clocks go forward

Hive Light Dimmable smart GU10 bulb x10 £129 at  Hivehome
Found 12th Mar 2018Found 12th Mar 2018
Hive Light Dimmable smart GU10 bulb x10 £129 at Hivehome
Finally Hive have done a spotlight option for their home automation. It's not a great saving, but substancially cheaper than the next alternative which is Philips Hue i think. An… Read more
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Good price for me i paid £44 for pack of 2 white Philips ones


No mate, YOU missed the point, tip your hat and step back under a rock ;-)


My point exactly.


Didn't say anything about smart bulb, I just said GU10 LED bulb.


Where have you seen GU10 SMART bulbs for £4 before? Even the ikea tradfri smart GU10s are £7 which are the cheapest on the market at the moment (as far as I'm aware)

New Hive GU10 bulbs from HiveHome 6 for £99
Found 11th Mar 2018Found 11th Mar 2018
Released this week, buy multiples for savings.

Not the same bulb. This price is the warm white bulbs only. £99 for the equivalent


6 for £79 on Amazon.






See my previous post - it's because most homes can't support a smart switch.

Hive Active Heating - FREE Amazon Echo Dot £249 self install @ Hive home
Found 24th Feb 2018Found 24th Feb 2018
£249 Installed £179 Self-Install Quidco: £10 Terms: [1] Terms apply. Offer is limited to one Echo Dot per customer and is subject to availability and ends on 4th March 2018. Off… Read more
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Someone amended the title incorrectly to say self install!! (annoyed)




so cold. i got mine uninstalled at ao couple of months ago for £119.



Hive Welcome Home pack with Motion Sensor, Plug and Lights £40 @ Hivehome
Found 2nd Jan 2018Found 2nd Jan 2018
Just before Christmas I picked up this deal to expand my hive home, which ties in nicely to the recent post from johnwillowlfc for a Hub and two bulbs for £44.99 on Amazon. If … Read more

Don't forget to cancel. Inward charged £41.20. They couldn't tell me why it came to that but i had a screaming child so I was not in the mood argue the difference.


Just for anyone that went for this. I managed to cancel and pay £40.... Hive argued the toss though before finally giving in. Angle it as the welcome home plan is the device element and focus on hive live being a service as mentioned in the t&cs


Oh, disappointing to read. Cancelled my with no questions and took the £40 payment over the phone. The hive live subscription then disappeared from my online account.


Good on you Gareth. Sadly my New Year's resolution is for a hassle free life, so I just opted to send the whole lot back. It cost them carriage to get it to me and now they have to pay the carriage to collect. That's what I call loss making. Very disappointed as they just were not agreeing to their own terms and conditions whatsoever.


My intention is to cancel the live part, if they try to charge me for it for the remaining term, I have the terms and conditions printed to I will pay it then instruct the small claims court to get it back, along with the fees. Ive had to do similar in the past, not with hive but it has been successful and is very easy to do online.