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LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (PS4) £9.99 Delivered @ HIWAY HIFI
Found 26th Jan 2017Found 26th Jan 2017
If anyone is interested, they are also selling FIFA 14 on PS4 for the bargain price of £14.99.... Anyone???! The Caped Crusader joins forces with the super heroes of the DC C… Read more

Don't be so sure that they need to "react" ;) There have been plenty of very decent line-ups recently, even if they're not to everyone's tastes (they're also unlikely to be able to change much at such short notice). I wouldn't particularly see this as a delay - as covered above, it's almost always the Wednesday before the games become available that the announcement goes us. There haven't been many occasions when that would put the announcement actually within the relevant month (i.e., when the 1st falls on a Wednesday) - June 2016 is covered above, but then prior to that you'd need to go back to July 2015, when the announcement (on the US blog, as this was before the EU came into line) was on 1 July. Going back further, the announcement for April 2015 was on Tuesday 31 March. In short, I'd expect the announcement on either Tuesday or Wednesday next week - for it to have been today would have been the outlier.


Just a bit of a waiting game really isn't it, only Sony really know. Hopefully the delay is due to a change in the line up in reaction to GWG :)


The only change I can see is May of last year. When they were announced on a Tuesday (as you say it's always a Wednesday) and that was obviously because the Wednesday fell on the 1st June. Looking at this month. I'd expect them today, or Tuesday the 31st :(


Reasoning seems to be that games are released on the first tuesday of the month, which will be the 7th, and the announcement is the Wednesday before, which on this occasion happens to be the first of the month.


Who's this guy then? Next Wednesday is the 1st. They've never been announced the same month as the release. Always a first, I guess.

Bose® Companion 2 Multimedia Speaker System, Series 2 - £79 delivered @ hiway-hi + 5.05% TCB
Found 23rd Nov 2012Found 23rd Nov 2012
BOSE COMPANION 2 II Multimedia Speaker System with TrueSpace Stereo Signal Processing Circuitry from Bose Was £89 Save £10.00 £79.00 inc vat Available - Usually delivere… Read more
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Here are the Reviews


Great price, this is scorching hot


Sorry, cold from me. I don't know what these sound like, but if I'm spending £80 on speakers, I would want something that looks stylish. These look rather like the £5 pc speakers I bought from Ebuyer a few years ago....


cause we all have CRT TV's these days.

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hiway hifi Yamaha RXV673 A/V Receiver £451
Found 16th Jul 2012Found 16th Jul 2012
Great new a/v receiver from Yamaha. Cheapest I could find initially was £480. Subsequently found it at Hiway hifi for £451 and free delivery. Went back to Richer Sounds and they… Read more
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er.... what's the point of this deal, I've just been told that Audio Express can supply one of these for £349? - http://www.audio-express.co.uk/product.php?_YAM_673_SPECIAL_&CAT=HCAMP&id=5607 they have just emailed me today!


Do a search for all the onkyo threads on here and you'll understand the sarcasm ;) Also be prepared for hours of tedium.


Good amp from a good brand. I'd never pay that for an amp myself though tbf.


buckfast 67uk. You've never heard of Yamaha? You're clealry a pro in the A/V world!!


LO :) LOL!

Yamaha RXV-667 Black - Limited Stock - £229.99 @ Hiway HiFi
Found 5th May 2011Found 5th May 2011
These amps have bee disappearing so fast lately and the deals have been disappearing even faster! Yamaha RXV-667 Black .....!NOT SILVER! Extremely good amp and a decent price. £… Read more
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Got an email saying they dont have any stock and have cancelled my order. what a waste of time!


i got a 765, great amp although annoying i can't mix HDMI with optical sound which is a pain....


think its OOS stock


Spoke to Richer sounds (Stockport), wont price match as they are not within 20 miles of the store (London based). They are going to see what they can do on price and call me back. Would prefer buying with them, just because i like em :)


Just ordered to collect - great price, thanks!

Sony panasonic sharp free 5 year warranty - participating hiwayhifi stores
Found 19th Jan 2011Found 19th Jan 2011
Hi, this is first post so please take it easy, Link goes to hiway hifi website which has the direct link to sony, panasonic and sharp forms. I was wondering if anyone knows which … Read more

just to let you all know I got my confirmation letter arrive today, full 5yr warranty expiring november 2010


You dumarse, I didn't PM you cause I don't bloody-well know you. '..PM EVERYONE I KNOW..,'


Who the fluff are Hotdeals Ltd oO And why didn't you PM me to add heat. Oh wait I know the answer to the second one. Because I would of said "Who Are You!"


lol now that you kids have stopped squabbling, here's the link to the thread https://www.hotukdeals.com/freebies/sony-free-5-year-warranty/814985 i got my tv from bestbuy, they didn't have a stamp so the supervisor signed it and said he'd done that with quite a few, so I sent it off by recorded delivery and will wait and see, great if it works


Thanks mate, appreciate it much! :))

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PANASONIC TXP42GT20B 3D + 2 Pairs of 3D Glasses + 3D BluRay Player + 5 Yrs Warranty at Hiway Hifi
Found 14th Jan 2011Found 14th Jan 2011
TXP42GT20B 42" 3D Plasma with 2D to 3D conversion + 3D Blu-Ray Bundle which includes: 1. 3D Blu-Ray Player (DMPBDT100) 2. 2 Sets of 3D Glasses (TYEW3D10E) + 5 Years Warranty Main… Read more

I'd appreciate if you can give me a cheaper 3D TV bundle with 5 years warranty .. because I;m interested in buying one !


You'd think for this kind of price they'd include a family 4 pack of the 3D glasses


Ah, the return of the inherently overpriced TV set.

Free 5 year Sony Warrantys on selected tvs.... instore only... dont pay for extended warranty..
Found 26th Dec 2010Found 26th Dec 2010
ok guys loads of threads on sony tvs via richer sounds, comet etc.. There is a 5 year free sony warranty avail if you print the form and take it to the shop here are list of tvs … Read more

Anyone even asked Sony if amazon are part of this deal? it's worth a try.


The 4th Post on this thread (and others subsequently) warned people that this would not work, yet it stands at 330 degrees and there is now a lot of wailing and beating of breasts. People seem not to learn on this site :-(


Did anyone else who bought from Richer Sounds get a dealer number? Also, does anyone know how long after purchase I can buy the Richer warranty? May have to take the hit on this one.


I've just spoken to Richer Sounds head office who say they are not participating and wouldn't give me a dealer number. I then spoke to Sony who said they wouldn't honour the warranty if it didn't have the dealer number as well as the stamp. Looks like those of us who bought from Richer are done for.


anyone any idea if Currys are doing this? Also don't they price match? Cheers :)

LG 32" LED Television 32LE5900 £449.95 Delivered @ hiwayhifi
Found 26th Dec 2010Found 26th Dec 2010
Top notch tv...cheapest I can see on the web! The uneducated that vote cold please show this standard of tv cheaper elsewhere!!!
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Sold out already...is this what happens to items that go cold???? LOL!


Also only 50Hz and no HD freeview, but I give up......


That is led BACKLIT not proper LED but I dont know if this tv is the same.


Only one Scart, No good for my requirements.


I think your right....my fault, but I'm glad you noticed M8....this really is one hell of a TV for this price at the moment.

TEAC Reference 300 Mklll Hifi inc Speakers £194.99 @ hiwayhifi
Found 22nd Jan 2010Found 22nd Jan 2010
This is a wowser of a deal with a price reduction of £400.00. Really top quality stuff at a fantastic price. Teac Reference 300 Mklll Micro Component System consisting of AG-H300 … Read more

I have to laugh when I read some of the comments on here! It was utterly predictable that people would snipe at the quality of this product even though it would doubtless wipe the floor compared to any of the trendy docking stations that cost a small fortune and get rave reviews. Then there's comparisons to a product costing £550. Oh and then there's DAB - a format so poor that it's rightly been shunned by the vast majority of European countries. It seems the marketing men have won the day but, for those who know better, there are bargains to be had.


DAB isn't as good quality as a good FM radio, down to the compression they use. the only benefit I see is that I could get stations that aren't in my area on FM (e.g. Absolute). Which I can live without. I've ordered one, will post my thoughts when it arrives.


No DAB no sale...


Don't really understand your point, if you buy the Denon at £190.00 you've still to buy speakers, say Tannoy Mercurys at £100.00. Alternatively you could buy the Teac, sell the Teac speakers for £40.00 and buy the Tannoys. You'd still be quids in and have a better system?


That one in you link now discontinued was the only teac 300 mk3 that was on sale in the uk at that price :thumbsup: the hiwayhifi one is made up and was never on sale and never at that price in the uk. The deal is a good one if you cannot get dab in your area I'm gutted its not dab as i would bought it.

Resistance 2 PS3 for £22.45 Delivered @ hiwayhifi
Found 13th Feb 2009Found 13th Feb 2009
First time poster (hopefully noone else has posted this one yet). I see hiway hifi has Resistance 2 at 19.95 + 2.50 delivery (Delivery within 2-3 working days) I have never used … Read more

Just popped instore today and picked up for £20. Im chuffed :thumbsup: Asked about killzone 2 but apparently only have games that were bundled with console - hence prices.


If you'd be so kind, can you let us know you get it ok ;-)


they are a shop in london phoned my order thought be with me on tuesday


not used them... very tempted though....


has anyone used this company before?

'Call Of Duty: World At War' [PS3] (incorrectly titled "SONY CALL OF DUTY 5") - £29.95 + £4 delivery at HiWayHiFi.com
Found 19th Jan 2009Found 19th Jan 2009
For those not lucky with the launch day Asda promotion price, or finding this title in one of the few remaining Zavvi stores (not bought by HMV), here is "Call of Duty: World At Wa… Read more

That sounds like the wii version to me. Multiplayers good, co-ops excellent. Single players very good.


If it was £20 I might get it, but at £34, no chance. I know a lot of people with this PS3 game, and most say say single player is ok, but multiplayer is absolute pants, with lag and glitches, they've all gone back to CoD4, R2 etc. As a result I did'nt bother with it. I'm playing R2 (shopto for £20) and saving my money for Killzone 2.


I'm sure you are right but for 33 notes I can have (almost) two ace games. I'm playing Dead Space at the moment which is pretty cool which cost about £16 and R2 for £20. Mind you the deals that were available before Chrimbo don't seem to be available now....glad I blew my wad before xmas. :santa:


COD 5's ace.


Sorry still way too pricey for me, but the price is better than anywhere else. As for Resistance 2 I got mine from Shopto.net for £20, shipped the day before xmas eve but still arrived before xmas. It seems quite good but I have a soft spot for R1 and don't like the changes they have made to "please the crowd", like no health bar. I like the hunt for health packs and knowing where you are (ie very sick) as opposed to just a bit of red paint round the borders. As a footnote, I wonder if the release of KillZone 2 will have an effect on the price of COD5. As I already have COD4 I am more likely to buy that than COD5...assuming good reviews.

Call Of Duty 5 World At War £32.45 Delivered @ hiwayhifi For PS3
Found 14th Jan 2009Found 14th Jan 2009
Well..its an unknown site to me i have to admit but its the cheapest price around. Doesnt look too bad

It's £29.95 + £4 delivery (now). This thread says £32.45 delivered. So... has the price just gone up? BFN, fp.


lol I'll expire this one then


Give it chance (to go cold); I've only just listed it at the cheaper price (after I posted immediately above your comment). BFN, fp.


amazing how this is so cold and the same deal posted today goes hot https://www.hotukdeals.com/item/321617/call-of-duty-world-at-war-ps3-incor/ both overpriced for this game imho


]Now £29.95 + £4 delivery.

Resistance 2 for PS3 £27.45 delivered @ hiwayhifi
Found 8th Jan 2009Found 8th Jan 2009
Cheapest I could find .. with postage included (£2.50).



Listed on HiwayHiFi's site for £24.95 + £2.50 delivery costs (so why does it cost £4 to despatch "Call of Duty: World At War"?) BFN, fp. EDIT: Has anybody received their back order from "ShopTo.net" since before Christmas? It cannot be too long before "Resistance 2" starts to drop in price at other (more mainstream) retailers too.


Resistance 1 was awesome. This is 10 times better. So many more features and they're all executed amazingly. Better than Cod5.


Its co-op have not played it yet. lol. should try and tell you.:oops:


Can you play split screen on the Resistance (1) ? I also tried the Res1 demo and you couldn't see a lot of the screen when shooting using the main machine gun (so not seeing the enemy as clearly) which annoyed me a little - is the new game the same - or the full version of resistance machine gun a one off ?

Canon Selphy cp400 photo printer £45.95 delivered
Found 8th Jan 2007Found 8th Jan 2007
High quality colour photo prints PictBridge compatible – No PC required Quick and easy to use Affordable and fun printing for all the family Multiple paper sizes Stylish and c… Read more

from poundland! noooooooooo i cant believe it !


I have the Canon IP4000 ... compatible carts from Poundland and their photo paper (yellow/orange packing) really is very good !


:thumbsup: Thanx Scraggy Great Help


this is about the cheapest I have found http://www.valueshop.co.uk/info.asp?MFGno=KP-108IP But you will never get cheaper than having them printed, it's just convinient printing the odd one here and there


I Have One Of These But Cant Seem To Findaffordable Ink For It! It Seems Cheaper To Have My Pics Developed Via Kodak. Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get Affordable Ink?