[HK Stock][International Version]Xiaomi Roborock Xiaowa Lite  £155.45 @ Geekbuying with code + free delivery

[HK Stock][International Version]Xiaomi Roborock Xiaowa Lite £155.45 @ Geekbuying with code + free delivery

Found 10th Jul
1600Pa suction

The Xiaomi Xiaowa Robot Vacuum Cleaner offers a suction power equal to 1600 Pa , therefore less powerful than the other models offered by Xiaomi, while the brush system remains the one already seen previously and consists of a side brush and the main one with "tornado" design that allows the suction of the most stubborn dirt.

Adaptive random algorithm

It also makes use of ten external sensors designed to work together with an adaptive algorithm, which allows the smart vacuum cleaner to map rooms and respond to its environment, all while choosing the best cleaning path possible.

640ml large dust box

It is equipped with a dusty compartment of 640 ml able to ensure daily cleaning thanks to the battery of 2600 mAh with autonomy calibrated for about 100 square meters of housing.

Built-in 10 sensors

There are 10 sensors available to identify the various obstacles and avoid them, but also to recognize the stairs and therefore do not fall not empty. The small laser turret allows you to map the room you are cleaning , thus ensuring also the cleaning of the perimeter of the walls continuing according to its own cleaning algorithm with the rest of the surface.

2600mAh battery

Xiaomi Xiaowa Robot Vacuum Cleaner is powered by a 2,600mAh battery which should hold enough energy to allow the device to clean a medium-sized room. The new vacuum is programmed to return to its charger automatically once its battery level falls below 30-percent.

General Brand:Xiaomi
Type:Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Product details Battery: 14.4V / 2600mAh lithium battery
Wireless connection: Wi-Fi smart fast link
Rated voltage: 14.4V
Rated power: 50W
Working time: 2.5H
Maz Suction: 1600Pa
Dust Bin:640ml
Charging Dock
Power: 42W
Input Voltage: 100~240V
Output: 20V - 1.8A
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Dimension & Weight Product Weight:3kg
Product Dimensions: 353x350x90.5mm
Package Weight:5.8kg
Package Dimensions:450x400x140mm
Package content 1 x Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1 x Charging Dock
1 x Power Cable
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x User Manual
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Have had several Roombas operating simultaneously in both our homes all with extensive expensive modifications to keep dust out of the gears!
Gave up on them all last year as they are high maintenance items,honestly I have yet to see one that is not susceptible to dust which at carpet level is so fine it wrecks the plastic cogs mainly by overheating
Do not expect this to be a replacement for hoovering unless you live in a studio flat and are OCD about cleanliness to start with
Also manufacturers of these things will probably give you a hard time if yours starts playing up!
Not kidding if you don’t sit down and dismantle the entire thing for cleaning at least every two uses it will come back and bite you
Worst enemy to this is heat build up in the gears and longer advertised run times increase that
Finally battery life as with all batteries is crap quite quickly and chargers used fry them so you might need to replace at great cost EVERY year
Honestly the level of reliability and value for money of these things at this point in time is rubbish
Buy one for the novelty and yes it’s like having a real robot doing the floors but until they start giving no quibble 5 year guarantees I wouldn’t touch another!
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