H&M Autumn Top & Bottom Offer For MyClub Members plus FREE DELIVERY & 10% off

H&M Autumn Top & Bottom Offer For MyClub Members plus FREE DELIVERY & 10% off

Found 26th Aug 2017
So I signed up to H&M myclub yesterday where they give you a Offer to use which is Free delivery + 10% off

- signed my husband up too he got the same offer

Anyway H&M are currently doing a Kids Autumn offer of Top & Bottom £7.99

I purchased a
Top - £7.99
Bottom - £7.99

Total came To with the offer £6.39 Free delivery

I saw these in store yesterday seem like good quality, but they didn't have the size.

Online has a lot of sizes available

You must join H&M MyClub though to get this offer

10% & Free delivery can be used across the site so not just on this Top/bottom offer. You can also choose to use it in store
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Thank you ordered two sets
Meh only up to age 9 years
Any other codes anyone
Thanks so much, got my little girl one of each putfit
link pls
2 year bracket for tops always frustrates me Great offer though thanks!
Edited by: "jiall" 26th Aug 2017
I don't get their sizes at all! The top I looked at was apparently "4-6 years" - firstly, how can it be for 4-6 year olds? There is a huge difference between a small 4 year old and a big 6 year old!! Also, in their size guides there is no mention of a "4-6 year" sizing, so how are we supposed to know what size it is??!

Fashion websites are terrible
If you are buying a top for a 4 year old and choose the size 4-6 years, be prepared that the sleeves are going to be way too long... very frustrating
New customers only
Thanks OP,i used it now.still works xx
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