HMV DVD Boxset Sale - House Boxsets Both £12.99!

HMV DVD Boxset Sale - House Boxsets Both £12.99!

Found 16th Jun 2007
Just thought I'd post this as I got emailed it a few minutes ago! Oh and this is my first (hopefully) Hot deal, so if there's any problems please let me know!

HMV are going to be offering a DVD Boxset sale starting (by the looks of it ) on June 21st 2007, but are giving members the chance to browse and pre-order the titles available.


Alfred Hitchcock - Complete 15 DVD Box Set - £24.99
Pink Panther Film Collection - £17.99
Lord Of The Rings Trilogy - £14.99
House Season 1&2 - £12.99 each
Die Hard: 1/2/3: Collectors Edition - £8.99
Spaghetti Westerns 6 DVD Box Set - £14.99

And more.
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beat me to it, nice post
I'm not sure I'd trust them with the House boxsets. There was a post around mothers day with season 2 for £11, and they ended up cancelling orders saying they were "out of stock", when they were showing as in stock at a higher price for several weeks after.
ordered house 2 anyway, it was £9.99 when they stitched us up with stock level lies but i'll give them a second chance.
Also Life on Mars Series 1 at £14.99. Best price I have seen recently for this.
i've learned to not trust hmv offers. they never honour them although the stuff i bought for RRP have always been delivered.
These have been posted yesterday.
Please remember they used the 4:3 prints in the "House Season 1" boxset. So it kinda spoils buying it for me. Better see if you can find a Region 1 of Season 1.

Season 2 is fine, true widescreen.

Just thought I'd point it out, as I was nearly caught out.
Just ordered Season 2.
Bought Season 1 from HMV when it was cheap, but never got Season 2 last time it was on offer.
Fingers Crossed!!
desperate housewives 2 is £17.99 - not as good as £13.99 that they stitched
us up over the other week, but if you desperately want it..... :giggle:

(I shall not be partaking as I'm still cross with HMV and am skint lol!)
£15 instore for each of these....
I've bought Band Of Brothers and Roots from them, and both have arrived at £14.99 and £8.99 respectively. I can't fault them so far.
Die Hard collection is £35

Die Hard collection is £35

Could still be £10 instore and it's a possibility that the online price might go down again...
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