HMV - Lost: Season 1/2/3/4/5: 32dvd - Pre-Order Only £79.99
HMV -  Lost: Season 1/2/3/4/5: 32dvd - Pre-Order Only £79.99

HMV - Lost: Season 1/2/3/4/5: 32dvd - Pre-Order Only £79.99

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Release date: 26-10-2009

Created by successful television producer J.J. Abrams (ALIAS), LOST has became one of the most popular and critically acclaimed programmes of its day. Utilizing a ripe premise and well-drawn and acted characters, LOST attracted a huge following and was proclaimed the saving grace of a television year otherwise marred by derivative reality programming. The story concerns the survivors of a terrible plane crash, who find themselves stranded on a tropical island with seemingly little chance of a rescue. Medical doctor Jack takes a position of leadership, helping to rally the survivors and prepare them for a period of difficulty as they learn how to survive on the paradisiacal island. But everything is not as it seems, as the island offers potential danger in the form of a large, mysterious creature, and evidence is found that the plane crash may not have been an accident. As they struggle to survive, each of the characters forms alliances and makes enemies, all while dealing with the unresolved issues of the lives they've left behind. LOST distils the difficulties of society down to their essence, exploring these problems with compelling characters and with a setting that's equal parts paradise and mystery. This collection includes all episodes from series 1 to 5.


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Will this be all the seasons?

1 more to come


cheaper to buy a tin of paint and chuck some on your walls every 12 hours :giggle:

lol you might as well wait for season 6 to be added to box set as thats the last lost season there will be, but good price for what it is at moment and voted hot for what it is price wise to other prices available

My thoughts exactly. We all know there is only 1 season left so why buy this now? Unless you are wanting to catch up before the series next year I guess...

hot but wait till next series is out!

good price but il be waiting till all 6 seasons are on one box... hopefully on bluray

Were they shot in HD from season 1?

Why would anyone buy this surely you would wait till series 6 was out?

Cashing in on the Christmas market I see. Yeah just wait till all six seasons are out. This time next year, there'll be a complete season 1-6 box set.

I did here originally they planned to do 7 seasons. Its a lot of lost to watch when it starts going downhill in mid season just to pick up again at the end.

Better to wait for Blu, looks brilliant in HD

Pointless. Like others have said, buy the Season 1-6 DVD/Blu-Ray set when that's eventually out. As a deal though, fair enough, it's not cold.

It's a great price. I have already bought 4 seperate season boxsets though so its wasted on me. I might still buy the collection again if they release it in a blu ray set though

good series, confuses the hell out of me though, than again i do watch them dis jointed.


This is a good price, but as others have said, may aswell wait for the final season to be included.

Having watched seasons 1 &2, i find Lost to be brilliant. Still have seasons 3,4 & 5 to watch, i reckon season 6 will be released by the time ive got round to it lol.

nice find best to wait thought

I absolutely love Lost, already have the first 4 seasons DVD box sets, will be buying the 5th season too, then selling them all and getting the 1-6 blu-ray collection (Assuming there will be one with a ton of special features). Like others have said, great deal, but might as well wait for the final season to be added.

Hot deal, but I'm gonna wait till the complete series 1-6 is eventually released on Blu-Ray before I buy into Lost, you know it makes sense (or does it?).

When is the next season being aired?

Civilised Maniac;6546405

When is the next season being aired?

Early 2010 me thinks. ]Click

I must resist!!!! :roll:

A bit of a pointless one to purchase...


good series, confuses the hell out of me though, than again i do watch … good series, confuses the hell out of me though, than again i do watch them dis jointed.

I can't believe anyone would try watching this show with the episodes not in order... especially with all the flashbacks, hidden easter eggs, dead characters popping up etc.

To watch LOST, you need to not miss a second of it, you could do that with this DVD..... but as everyones saying..... the final season airs late January, early February so I'd wait for the full set too.

or torrent for £0.00 :P

So stupid they re-release these adding a new season every year. Stop trying to rip us off and just wait until the show has finished!!!


Were they shot in HD from season 1?

There's a series running on Discovery Channel at the minute World War ll in HD, pretty sure they didn't film those scenes with HD cameras.

Voted hot because it is the best deal now.

However it is still not cheap.


I effin love lost... Gona wait until it finishes n they make a ltd blu ray boxset.... Cant wait for s6

Nice price, but I'll wait for the full 6 season blu ray set.
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