HMV Sale - Loads of boxsets
HMV Sale - Loads of boxsets

HMV Sale - Loads of boxsets

HMV Sale includes:

One foot in the Grave complete series £17.49
Royle Family - Complete £12.99
Extras - £9.99
Little Briatin £7.99
Shameless £39.99
Likely Lads £11.99
Ronnie Barker (Inc Porridge and Open all hours + Others) £29.99
Catherine Tate £11.99
Laurel and Hardy £39.99
Norman Wisdom £16.99
Police Academy £14.99


Many have been posted individually, also not all of them are cheapest!

This is the one
Thunderbirds: Complete Series: 9dvd: Box Set

£14.99 Was £119.99 Your saving £105.00:thumbsup:

but has been £12.99 hotukdeals.com/ite…d-b

I did take a look at HMV sale but many are cheaper elsewhere.

Frasier box set series 1-11. £99.99. Most other places sell it for £69.99. What a joke!! I think a lot of the labels have been changed from 70/80% off to sale.

This is why I despise the way HMV moves products from promotion to promotion as you can see exactly what they have done. The net is a bit transparent in terms of pricing. Come April May all the new releases will be 6.99 or 4.99 on the web.

I checked all the items I wanted and still the same price.
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