HMV Sale Now on
HMV Sale Now on

HMV Sale Now on

Had an email to say there's an HMV sale on. Just been on the website and sure enough, usual thing, lots of items reduced!

Had a quick scan through and there seems to be a few bargains to be had as ever


Is this an offer? Its not even really a sale as its just a rebranding of their previous summer offers with more or less the same products/prices.

Hmm. When isn't there a sale at HMV?

Yes, there's always a sale on at HMV, which is a good thing. However, this one is the same sale that's been on for the last month, with practically all of the same items (that are still in stock) at the same prices.

great to have some sales -- any bargains spotted in the haystack

All the same as the summer sale by looks of it. Same sale different name.

It would be nice if HMV would actually show what products have actually been reduced since last months promo. I guess this would stop people even looking through all the titles. It amazes me they can call product on sale when the prices have not changed at all. Without RRP how would any shops be able to give bargains. For me if a price has reached budget price like 4.99 or 2.99 that should be the RRP not £20-25 quid.

I am sure there are a few new items rebadged in the sale but can i be bothered to scroll through 20 pages?

HMV is not the only site guilty of this. Play.com etc do much the same. Perhaps HMV will make the obvious new titles visible on its shop windows.

Its fair to say since woolies went under the prices of cd/dvd/games has become rather dull and little changes.

I normally wait for the new release dvds to fall in price to 4.99 or so after crimbo The flops are normally 6.99- 2.99 quite quickly. If I want a product I go through a seach website like 123pricecheck.com/ Saves so much time.
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