HMV-Various box sets from £6.99 Delivered-tired of posting them individually
HMV-Various box sets from £6.99 Delivered-tired of posting them individually

HMV-Various box sets from £6.99 Delivered-tired of posting them individually

Buy forBuy forBuy for£6.99
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Arrested Development: Season 3: 2dvd-£9.99
Omen: Pentology: 6dvd: Box Set-£6.99
Alien Quadrilogy: 9dvd: Box Set-£11.99
Prison Break: Season 2: Part 1: 3dvd-£8.99
Prison Break: Season 2: Part 2-£8.99
Planet Of The Apes: 1/2/3/4/5: 6dvd:...£6.99
My Name Is Earl: Season 2: 4dvd-£14.99
House: Series 3: 6dvd-£15.99
Unit: Season 2-£10.99
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Complete S...£9.99
Angel: Complete Series 4: 6dvd: Repa...-£9.99
Band Of Brothers: Complete Series 1:...£17.99
L Word: Complete Series 3-£12.99
Dangermouse: Complete Collection: 12...£17.99
Queer As Folk (Us Version): Season 2...-£15.99
Boston Legal: Season 3-£15.99
Halloween: 25 Years Of Terror: 4dvd:...-£7.99
Pink Panther Film Collection: 6dvd: ...-£14.99
Jeeves & Wooster: Complete Collectio...-£13.99
Columbo: Complete Season 1-7: 23dvd:...-£39.99
Miss Marple Collection: 4dvd: Box Se...-£9.99
Queer As Folk (Us Version): Season 1...-£15.99
Die Hard 1/2/3/4: Quadrilogy: 4dvd: ...£17.99
L Word: Complete Series 2: 4dvd: Box...£12.99

582 Box sets in total-too many to post, ideal for birthdays/christmas pressies


dont forget Quidco and student discount!

thanks for taking time out to list some!

cheers for the heads-up, any guesses as to how long these will be at sale prices?

is it just online, or instores aswell?

i find instore are usually either extortionatly priced, or a few pounds or so above online prices.

when they have sales in store, it can be similar - for example the planet of the apes set, its £6.99 online and £7 instore, same as Omen.

I will def have to do some ordering methinks, with 10% discount and then 7% quidco, those Prison Break sets are about £7.50 each that way. and im sure there are a few other bargains to be had.

as usual with hmv, there are a lot of old chestnuts to hide the real goodies...

Edit: some prices aint reduced, and some are cheaper elsewhere or previously priced, so check the prices around before filling your basket)

Nice one. Heat & rep added.

Cheers, picked up 2 seasons of Boston Legal and the 4400 S3 for a reasonable price; I'd been waiting for them to come down to a price I was willing to pay! :thumbsup:

Good find voted hot..


whats l word all about them?

suddenly feel the urge to munch on a kebab!
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