Ho ho ho! Inflatable Santa fat suit, £5.99 at Home Bargains

Ho ho ho! Inflatable Santa fat suit, £5.99 at Home Bargains

Found 10th Dec 2008
Inflatable Santa fat suit, £5.99 TODAY

It looks like a fun outfit to me, and you can wear it over normal clothes so be the toast of the office Christmas party without walking around like a goon all day!

This works by having a small battery powered fan constantly blowing into the suit (you velcro shut a semi airtight seal around neck, ankles and wrists), these are quite comfortable and you can move around normally.


Which store was this in? Seems to me that not all of the discount stores stock the same products!

Sounds like a fun product.

Sounds like it would be a skin tight lycra suit for me.

Big & Proud of it - LOL

We got a couple last week and it's a brill outfit.

Can't wait for xmas day.

Go find them our store asn't any more in Leeds

These are pretty good suits if they are like the stock I had last year, a good price too, they was selling like hotcakes at £10 + p&p when I had them. |So £5.99 is great!

hang on, you copied my deal title, only changing retailer and price! I'm calling shenanigans!!!
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