Ho ho ho! Inflatable Santa fat suit, £9.99 at Maplin

Ho ho ho! Inflatable Santa fat suit, £9.99 at Maplin

Found 10th Dec 2008
this looks like a fun outfit to me, and you can wear it over normal clothes so be the toast of the office Christmas party without walking around like a goon all day!

This works by having a small battery powered fan constantly blowing into the suit (you velcro shut a semi airtight seal around neck, ankles and wrists), these are quite comfortable and you can move around normally.

You can call your local store and have them order one in for you at no extra charge if you don't want to pay postage.

order code: N11FB


Ho Ho Hot! heat added

Santa prefers the term morbidly obese...


Got one of these last year from firebox - they had a deal where you could get them for a quid. They are good, but get really hot especially with the beard.

Friend wore one round town last year. You'll get a lot of attention but it is a little ridiculous.


home bargains £5,99 if its the same one posted on here 10.12.2008

home bargins £5.99

cold in here isnt it :whistling:

Original Poster

ouch, yup, although might point out it wasnt down to poor search facilities this time - I actually posted first!

Too much christmas Pud I reckon!

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