Hobgoblin bottled beer 500ml £1 @ Asda

Hobgoblin bottled beer 500ml £1 @ Asda

Found 20th Oct 2010Made hot 20th Oct 2010
Hobgoblin is £1 per bottle at asda in store and online. It was the halloween label yesterday in the hull store if this is any help.

Can't add a pic cos I'm on my phone.


Yum Yum

Is this a good beer?


Is this a good beer?

Yes, you can't go far wrong with Wychwood ales - Wychcraft is a personal favourite of mine.

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Good tasting beer. 5.2% alcohol if memory serves me correctly. A strong dark ale, definitely not one for the lagerboys out there. Full price is £1.89, so this is a bargain. Hot!

Had a mouthful of this stuff yesterday! Tasted wierd to me. Suggest u buy one bottle to start with and see whether you think it tastes like medicine!

have had this before, its a very strong tasting real ale to be honest might not be everyones cup of tea. Personally i didnt like it.

try a bottle of lancaster bomber!

Cracking price for a cracking ale.

I get this at Home Bargains for 99p but ASDA is easier to get to - thanks!

i enjoy these ales but they play havoc with my gut.

my favourite

nice ale this a real bargain at this price

My favourite! I also enjoy a nice continental lager too.

This reminds me of that episode of Blackadder

Pukka deal nationwide.
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