Hobnob's Snack Bars  (5 Pack) 39p @ Home Bargains

Hobnob's Snack Bars (5 Pack) 39p @ Home Bargains

Found 9th AprMade hot 9th Apr
hob nob snack packs,love these,found in home bargains halewood,raisin and milk chocolate


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So how did your horse do machman ?

Also have caramel and chocolate in my local store in Bilston.
Picked up some of each today.
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bought a few yesterday for my mud afternoon snack!

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So how did your horse do machman ?

Nowhere Wongy
I should of done "Leg of lamb" it was "Joint" favourite

Mmmmmunchies good find themachman, heated


Now I want Milk Tray.

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Nice.Now I want Milk Tray.

They were 59p

Heat, Loads in Turbary park (Bournemouth) store. No caramel and chocolate though

Nice one themachman, heat

They do the McVities digestive version as well for 39p

hot (_;)

I was in there today and I must have missed these Heat added


Yummy ! Hot added!

Cheers OP, I gave up with these when they went from 6 bars to 5 and put the price up the other year. Home Bargains had a load of those cheap at the time. might have a look in my local.

Good spot. Heat added

Anyone who likes Hobnobs should try Lidl's Oaties. I love hobs but no longer buy them unless they are giveaway price.

I can't tell the difference except they are called Oaties.
Ordinary pack 39p.
Choc Oaties 59p.
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