Hoegaarden White Beer.  4 x 330ml bottles ASDA £3

Hoegaarden White Beer. 4 x 330ml bottles ASDA £3

Found 17th Feb 2014
Hoegaarden White Beer. £3 on Asda Rollback

I think there are others as well such as leffe


The only beer I have ever thrown away, vile!

Wheat beer can be lovely, just not this one...

I am hoping you know this is Wheat beer and auto correct has just kicked in when you posed the deal

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Yes I just purchased 48 bottles of the stuff.

Have it with a slice of Lemon and keep the glasses in the fridge yum yum

it's a matter of taste, ian.

i don't like wheat beer either - although some people must like them.

Personally, I think it's vile. Voted hot for the price though - it'll be a good deal for some folk.

This is a lovely drop, 4 quid a pint minimum at the pub. Cracking deal.

absolutely lovely. put it in a glass for a better taste
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