Hofmeister beer 65p - B&M

Hofmeister beer 65p - B&M

Found 23rd Oct 2017
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    Follow the Bear ............
    Thanks Op!
    Will have to give this beer a try..hope I don't turn into the Hoff after a few...
    Follow the Bear ............
    Wow, retro classic
    wow indeed, didn't know they still made this stuff !!
    what % is it
    Brings it all back, those were the days not care in the world
    luminox3 m ago

    what % is it

    Who cares if it's good enough george then it's good enough for me
    brings back memories of my military days pound a pint sorted
    I'd rather glug on a glass of bear's p*** thank you very much.
    theonlyjosh12 m ago

    https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/oct/18/hofmeister-bavarian-craft-lager-win-beer-award-iwsc5% award winning premium lager now...

    Weird that they'd choose that brand name to use for a decent premium lager.
    Agharta23 m ago

    I'd rather glug on a glass of bear's p*** thank you very much.

    I can help you with that

    Nooooooooo!!! Secret is out. Amazing drink which is brewed in Munich under the purity law. Stock your garage up lads, serve just aboving freezing and drink straight from the bottle. Catch is best before 30th Nov 2017.
    Goes nice with a burger.. just ask THE HOFF

    Had one of these today. Tasty!
    Now if I could just find somewhere that sold Pabst Blue Ribbon at a reasonable price I'd be a happy man.
    MY wife worked for Courage back in the day and she was the person responsible for calling the Hofmeister bear George.
    just bought a few bottles to try - they had plenty in Charlton as there was no price label on the shelf at all.

    Also had McGraths #1 Pale Ale and #5 Amber Ale at same price - not great stuff but I picked up a few to give to less descerning mates!

    BTW both are BBE Nov 17
    Edited by: "kalip" 24th Oct 2017
    Picked some up this evening, thanks OP
    Picked some up today in Halifax thanks op
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