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Hogwarts Legacy PC with VPN to Ukraine - 799 UAH (£17.94) @ Epic Games Store

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Using an Epic Games account made with a VPN to Ukraine you can buy the game for 799 Ukraine with a fee free card which works out to £30.60 at the moment. I have not been able to find cheaper. After buying you can log in to your ukranian account without a VPN and play in English no problem. So just need a VPN to make a ukranian account and to buy the game.

Epic games are not banning people for VPN use unlike Steam.

Epic Games More details at Epic Games

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    Deluxe version is approx £35 there too
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    The amount of hoops you lot are jumping through you may aswell just pirate it.... tax evasion is a worse crime :/
    The fun is finding new ways to get things. We never play the damn games!
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    Im fairly sure that epic have locked it down now so that you must pay in a card registered in the country you are VPNd from.

    I have a turkish locked epic account that i can no longer purchase on.
    Can you still play the game you have purchased before ?
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    Have ordered,the money transaction shows on my account , but nothing on the epic account I made? Nothing in my library or history? No confirmation email received of purchase? (edited)
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    Has anyone managed to buy this with this deal?
    I get the impression EPIC are wise to this bypass trick, just buy the game and be done.

    PS: also found an interesting nugget while looking into this, seems when people have had issues with legit purchases, their purchase receipts have been deleted, whether its cause and effect or some other mechanic in play, so back up your receipts, as EPIC will only enable your account/game if you can show proof, and if like me you've 60+ , games that'll be slightly upsetting. Just a heads up. (edited)
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    If you are going to this much trouble why not just steal the game and donate 18quid to Ukraine relief?

    Not sure if I want it, but it is deck verified which I like and I've enjoyed all the AAAs that have came to the deck even just for the novelty of playing on the couch or on the train. I'll probably just take the tenners savings on a key site and actually get it on steam rather than jump through hoops.
    Because I'd rather not contribute to Zelen sky's new house.
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    Am I missing something here?
    Ukraine EGS has this listed for UAH799 (UAH949 for Deluxe) which converts to roughley £17. (edited)
    Well that's probably better I didn't even know there was a Ukraine store
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    Doesn't work on anything..... why even post this?
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    Aside from having wizarding authorities, Ukraine is known in particular for magical creatures such as the Ukrainian Ironbelly, a type of dragon. Ironbellies have been under constant observation ever since one of which carried off a sailing ship from the Black Sea in 1799.
    They could use a few of them now
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    do you have to launch the game with a VPN also ? or is it just a matter of buy with your regular UK account , but have the VPN set to the Ukraine?
    Don't buy with a UK account, create an account with the VPN on, continue with it enabled and buy the game, once the purchase is complete you can disable the VPN.

    PS; actually i just remembered, if you go to install the game and get an error message (''Error PI-UBI-01 “Your game activation was not successful”), shut down Epic launcher, fire up the VPN set it to the country the account's registered to, then fire up EPIC launcher, and attempt install, all should be fine, well it has been for me on occasion. (edited)
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    My account still works since the beginning. I think Epic questions themselves if John Smith from Turkey buys all the new AAA games. TBH my name does sound a bit Turkish
    Its a crap shoot, it gets more risky for the greedy. I don't bother anymore, it's not worth the agro, especially if you have to contact support.
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    Has anyone been able to purchase?

    Last time I have tried I couldn't buy from Ukraine due to restrictions.
    Yes it worked for me using SS vpn.

    If you can't get it to work, be a true gamer and pay the full price in your region store!!!
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    It keeps saying your payment has been canceled. Am i doing something wrong or does this not work?
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    Yeah, declined for me too using Revolut.
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    Same for me. Revolut declined. Why would it show the amount in £ though? (edited)
    did you log in with a Ukrainian Epic account or UK?
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    Has anyone managed to purchase it?
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    Can't get it to work?
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    Just tried it via a Moldova VPN which worked out to be about £23, and that didn't work either (via Paypal or Revolut)
    So you have starling, Monzo, chase, or Halifax clarity? Those may also work. Otherwise u can buy from the Turkish store also but that's £30!
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    should be cheaper in uk
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    Anyone tried Crypto.com midnight blue card and does it work with VPN?
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    I have figured out how to make payment and it’s worked, using a uk card (edited)
    lol, so you got the game?