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Hoka One Men's Clifton 8 Running Shoes £74.99 @ Amazon

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These usually sell for well over £100 with a rep of £129
Only this cheap in this colour.
The Hoka Clifton 8 is a shoe with maximum cushioning, and its main innovations are in some strategic points of the model, such as the upper and the inter -tank. The purpose of this new version of the Clifton 8 is to improve the racing sensations with a better response, and without this translating into a loss of performance in terms of stability and lightness of the imprint
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    I rarely run but do suffer with Arthritis in my big toes. These are amazing , I buy 2 pairs every year, trail and running shoes.
    I'm a 47 year old dad, I don't give a Hoot about Nike Air Max or whatever,just want something too stop the pain.
    how's the sizing? im usually a 12.5 or 13 but only a size 12 available here
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    Never tried Hokas. Obviously each to their own but I usually go the Brooks or ASICS route. Could anyone give me advice on these compared to the ones I’ve mentioned for 5 to 10K distances?
    I always had ASICS GT (1000 and 2000) and then moved to Hoka and have had Clifton Edge and now on Bondi X. I’m 110kg so heavy for a runner but completed a marathon this year and trained 3 months in them. They are much more stable and once the distances increased to 10K plus much more comfortable. 5k I find my “old” ASICS a bit faster as slightly lighter.
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    Tempted. Never ran in Hoka shoes and want to try.
    If that's the case buy directly from HOKA and you can try and return if you don't get on with them. Free to return too and they're in their sale too for a few quid more.
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    You know you can get a decent branded pair of trainers for that price
    These are long distance running shoes, not “trainers”
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    Good deal. £6.76 delivery is a bit steep though.
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    how do these come up size wise please - been caught out on snug adidas before - would you say these are true to size? cheers. (edited)
    For me they are true to size for my running shoes, but I tend to get/need a size bigger for them.
    So my normal shoe size is 10, but for running shoes ( inc Brooks, ASICS etc) I need 11
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    Sportsshoes.com sell through Amazon so they are probably coming from the same place.
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    Expired? Price is a lot higher now
    Nope - price looks good to me ..
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    I paid £90 last time from Wiggle .. just ordered another pair .. cheers OP
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    I have feet pain especially in my toes and can't run. What are these like for wearing just fo every day walking? Ty
    They're like walking on clouds.

    They've been this price on sportsshoes for over a month now. If you've got a local running shop I'd go down there and try a pair on,

    These or the hoka bondi's are great.
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