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Holdsworth corsa disc sram rival 22 carbon road bike £1029.98 delivered @ Planet X

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5 sizes and 4 colours.

Collection keeps it under a grand which for a full carbon and full hydro bike is almost uneard of at the back end of 2022.

With race proven geometry in a lightweight package, the Corsa offers a responsive frame capable of fast acceleration but compliance in the right areas to produce a bike that will be comfortable for triple digit mileage too.

SRAM Rival 22 Groupset
SRAM Rival Hydraulic Brakes
Fulcrum Racing 800 Disc Wheelset
High Mod Carbon Frameset
32mm Tyre Clearance
Approx. Bike Weight (Medium) - 8.55kg
Planet X More details at Planet X
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    Planet x is not ‘the sports direct of cycling’. Just in case anyone is confused by that very strange comparison.
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    Planet X is the Sports Direct of cycling!! Holdsworth has a similar level of kudos now as Karrimor or Slazenger (old, out of fashion brands, reintroduced by Mike ashkeigh so that he could claim huge discounts from unrealistic RRPs).

    But if that doesn't bother you, then this bike is good value for the Shimano kit. (edited)
    It's not really a case of questionable frame/fork.... It's a rebadged chinese distributed combo "open mould" bike frame made by Deng-fu, Hong-fu or one of the many other makers (I can't seem to find the actual model).
    There's a high likelihood you'll find the same frame with a "higher end" badge on it from the likes of Ribble etc.
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    Ooooooo, silly disc brakes......do they think it's a mountain bike?
    You need to let that go.
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    Bargain, SRAM Rival hydraulic gears and carbon frame. Weight at around 8.55Kg is very good for the price.

    If you are after a new bike this will be very hard to beat. I’ve not seen anything near this value since before Covid.
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    and that review was at £1900, so plenty to buy better tyres as suggested
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    Bike snobbery has gone through the roof since Covid. If you've got decent legs and endurance then you'll easily outgun someone on a £8000 bike with chicken legs. Way too much coffee stop and not enough riding with most of these bikes.

    Reviews in bike magazines are hilarious. You are the engine but you wouldn't think it, reading most of it. You'd think it was a motorbike.
    Agree with this. My bike cost £1k 4 years ago, ribble carbon. I’ve done 9k miles on it and passed many times more expensive bikes on loads of occasions!
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    Phenominal price.... Anything under 1400 for a carbon bike with hydraulic brakes is great, so this is disgustingly cheap!
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    Great deal.
    Planetx may not be the best quality but you can't argue with value. And while open mold frames are not as light or stuff as something from a top shelf for the average rider the difference is indistinguishable.
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    48972631-TOuln.jpgI’ve got a really high end Scott Foil (very expensive
    ) and a Holdsworth Mystique which was also a bargain at the time (£1349 with Sram Force)

    Don’t listen to people who go on about open mould frames, the brand history, blah blah blah

    The bike came set up better than any shop bought bike, including my Foil! Planet X did an amazing job.

    You’d be supporting a UK company by buying this at least.

    It rides really, really well!! I’m still surprised how cheap it was compared to the competition.

    The only downside is the warranty isn’t that long however I think it’ll be just fine (edited)
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    Ordered, I've been waiting for a deal for months now, thanks op
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    I have a PX Ti Road bike (Spitfire with full Ultegra). Fantastic value for money and it gets kudos from other cyclists when out on a ride. This deal looks good to me.
    48973419-aOAYK.jpg (edited)
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    If I was paying +£1k for a bike it would need to be electric
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    Thats a great spec for the price.
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    It’s now showing as £999 for me which is absolute steel (carbon)
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    Absolutely ridiculous price. Damn.
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    Heat added, although I'm sure pre-summer I looked at this and it was RRP 1400. Just saying, focus on the value to cost and ignore the RRP
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    Super hot 🔥🔥🔥🥵
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    Says 57 is XL, but 57 is large at decathlon. I've got a 57 large from decathlon, am I right in saying the 57 XL would be the same?
    Compare the dimensions. 57 is normally large.
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    That's an absolute mega bargain! Get in quick
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    Nice Find - Good specs for the price.

    heat added.
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    It's a great price. Wheels are 200, that groupset was 400-500 even before covid... Not sure how can someone can hate on this.
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    I looked at this this morning and was about to purchase during lunch break but now gone up in price!!
    Yeah same here