Holidays from £15
Holidays from £15

Holidays from £15

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Holiday from £15 are back in the sun newspaper.
Or i think they are as i recieved a priority form in post few days ago stating it was starting yesterday (5 april 08) brought the sun and no info in it at all (i can t find it anyway) So if it has started does anyone have the code for saturday, please.
Manythanks, wendie


Pretty certain it starts on 19/04

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Thanks for that:thumbsup:
it does state in my form starting 5th april 2008 (page 2), please someone tell me im not going mad!!!!!

never done these so.... what do you exactly do? and where can you go etc etc

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Mystery solved; … Mystery solved; https://www.ukholidaysinthesun.co.uk/?promo=SUNSUM08&emailpin=&emailaddr=:thumbsup:

Thankyou thankyou very much, stupid things been winding me up all weekend....great holidays anyway.

Pay £15 per person initially. You choose about 5 parks and 5 different dates and if you are lucky you will get one of the dates parks you have chosen.
On top of that you may have to pay for entertainment/gas/electric and bedding. Although you could take your own bedding and save yourself a tenner. Also some parks the entertainment is free. It will tell you which park has what etc a few days into the promo usually.
My advice is to get the tokens and money sent off asap.

so buy the newspaper and get the tokens etc?

how do u get a priority form


so buy the newspaper and get the tokens etc?

Not necessarily, you could just cheat and look in the newspaper everyday (without buying it) and take a note of the online code that appears on the token. They are always something like; SAIL, SAND, etc


how do u get a priority form

If you have been with Sun Holidays before you will get a priorit form; trust me it means nothing !

My Family Of 4 Stayed In Luxary Caravan Monday - Friday Haven @ Hale Walkin Dist To Beach Too
Hot Hot Hot

Im hoping to do this and take my 4 yr son on his first hol My family did these all the time when I was a child... loved it!

have there been any codes published yet or is the priority booking form start date collecting on 5th april is a misprint and it should be 19th april?

ive just booked the £9.50 ones just go to the notw{news of the world} site

Are you able to put a link up for the £9.50 holidays as unble to find them on NOTW website. Thanks


Nice! - a week with thousands of other sun readers

Could be good for the flights though :thumbsup:

I wouldn't want to start a duplicate topic, and I really don't expect everybody to see this now as the original post is a couple of weeks old, but can somebody post the codes please. I think they start today.


Can someone who has already been on the sun holidays advise whether you get basic accommodation or not. For example do you get a bronze, silver or gold caravan? If u get basic can you upgrade?
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