holland & barrett - manuka pharm half-price - £27.49 (500g)

holland & barrett - manuka pharm half-price - £27.49 (500g)

Found 24th Mar 2017
don't know how much faith one can have that it's bona fide.

extortionate price depends on strength - see right of page at link for various strengths.

plenty of FAKE HONEY on the market - i think i'll email president trump about it.

i've been buying sainsbury's own label manuka in the hope that they'll have done due diligence on the product - don't know if my confidence is misplaced.
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I saw some of this in aldi yesterday for £6.99?
apparently a lot depends on strength and provenance - there was an article in the sunday times a few weeks ago saying there were fake manukas all over the place.
unsurprising comment from consumer.

"...your staff are not clued up about any of the products you sell and that people could be being put at risk ..."

i wouldn't expect any kind of expertise from H&B staff who get paid a very low wage.

some misguided folk do ask the staff for advice - i was in a H&B and a menopausal woman started asking the assistant all about her lower-bowel problems (the customer, not the assistant).

why on earth the customer thinks an uninterested wage-slave would have any knowledge about ailments is beyond me.
Manuka Pharm, like most of the brands sold by H&B, is more or less just regular honey. The 'Active' and 'TA' on the bottle is meaningless marketing. Sainsbury's own brand is legit though.
£6 raw honey from your local beekeeper job done. tried all these they are heated coloured and full of corn syrup
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