Hollands Pies - all varieties - 45p at Morrisons

Hollands Pies - all varieties - 45p at Morrisons

Found 16th Jun 2015
Not a bad price if you buy these....
My local had the full range in stock.
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Possibly the worst pie money can buy nowadays
I heard Meat and Potato Pies had to change their names to Potato and Meat Pies because it was mainly Potato Filling.... These days they should just be called Pastry and Air.... I used to love Steak and Kidney and the Puddings... They are now just gravy with some token gristle.... Prices go up and up, the quality plummets.
I have to agree the quality of Hollands pies has gone down since they were taken over by Northern Foods. The cheese and onion filling is a yellow slop and the meat content in all of their meat flavoured products is minimal and gristly.
But..... I posted this as there are people (like myself) who haven't the time, inclination or money to be able to provide heartier healthier pie options, and 45p for the product will be welcomed by some.
Heat for the price
95p in Morrison's Eccles, so must be store specific
Everyone loves a pie

Everyone loves a pie

unless it's in their face
Heat 'cos these things need them
I hate dutch food!
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