Holland's pies half price at Tescos 55p

Holland's pies half price at Tescos 55p

Found 30th Sep 2016
They had meat and potato, meat, steak and kidney that I could see, these are the individual 'fresh' pies in the fridge/chiller section.

Spotted in Fleetwood.
Had bb date 03/04 October .


Been on a while,I think I saw them last weekend.

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Yeah looking back at previous deals it seems they do this promotion a few times a year, thought it was worth a mention though for anyone that guzzles pies like i do lovely with hp sauce.

Francois Hollad.... British version of the pies without the "e" or the horse

Yes! Fleetwood!
COD army!

this offer seems to be on more than it's off.

good find op, heat added
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