Hollister sale 50% off online!
Hollister sale 50% off online!

Hollister sale 50% off online!

Hollister 50% sale, men's and women. Online only.


Last time I ordered a few sale items from them they all got cancelled.
Good luck.

Wasn't it this already the other day? Ordered a few things Christmas Day that are nice. T shirts especially reduced from 19 to 7

All things turned up nothing cancelled

Be warned you cannot return to store when purchasing online and returns (unless faulty) are subject to a £9 handling charge which is deducted from your refund. Basically only order what you know fits! It's not worth the hassle otherwise.

£10 postage for a pair of jeans?! Won't bother!

Shame you can't return to store if not suitable only via their online return system & they charge £9 for this! Wanted to order a few things but don't want to risk sizing/style being wrong

Can't seem to use anything on the Help pages for ordering ,shipping, etc., it all says wipeout - not available. Some good deals though

Correct my if I'm wrong but if I understood the above than Hollister are breaking the consumer contracts regulations (2014) which state that a refund must be given in full within 14 days for items bought online


I ordered last Christmas day and got it today... All I can say is totally disappointed with the quality of my hoodie. It is no where near my hoodie that I bought off Hollister Trafford Center... I'm not going to bother of returning this and just learn from it... One thing for sure, I'll never order here again...

Got my order today and was totally disappointed with the quality of this hoddie. It's no where near compare to my other Hollister that I bought off Hollister Trafford Center... I will not bother returning this as it will just cost me again and will waste my time... One thing for sure, I will never order again...

I ordered a few t-shirts on boxing day that arrived yesterday, slightly disappointed by the quality as the materials seem a lot thinner and the logo quality is definitely worse than products I have previously purchased from my local Hollister. I haven't bought anything from Hollister in over a year and everything that arrived was now made in Vietman were as all of the t-shirts and polo shirts I already have from them were made in China.
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