hollywood cinemas Showing many different films for 99p

hollywood cinemas Showing many different films for 99p

Found 27th Jan 2013
Showing many different films for 99p some good films to be seen

Great Yarmouth
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Thanks, I really should remember to keep an eye on their website, they've done this before. Its quite nice as its usually really quiet as they're cinema's are a dated.
Stopped going there as the prices really have risen vastly and its not very comfortable or warm there, for the money I'd rather go to the big palaces now, used to go quite a bit too.
Never heard of them where are they?
For 99p there are lots of films and the films are good to get the children used to the cinema i dont mind all the toilet trips at this price our local at norwich is comfy where else can u take the kids to see a recent film for this price
Norwich dereham great yarmouth fakenham
This deal would benefit from listing the films and locations in the OP
They sound lovely ! I wander if the premier of the Alan Partridge movie will be at one of them lol
Good deal, Life of Pi is 99p this weekend @ Norwich. Cinema's are a bit dated thou', however I hear they have just updated to Stereo sound. Thats right, just before the performance two piano players come out and start playing
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