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Holts Radweld 250ml, Seals leaks in minutes - £3.54 with free collection @ ToolStation

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About this deal

The advanced formula targets radiator leaks, sealing them safely. Suitable for all cars and mixes with all coolant/antifreeze.

Radweld works its way through the system to target radiator leaks, without damaging or clogging the system. An easy to use radiator cooling system leak repair.

• Suitable for leaks in radiators and hoses
• Seals in minutes with no clogging or damaging effect
• Prevents future leaks
• Simply pour into coolant/antifreeze
• Treats up to 14L

No need to drain or flush the cooling system before use. Simply pour and fix. Pour whole bottle into cooling system, do not pour into engine.
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    I remember years ago I had to use an egg white in an emergency. It worked, and never leaked again.
    Proper dad mechanic tips right there
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    Trade card at Halfords £3.41.

    I used this for a porous cylinder head and got another 50,000 miles. Car got written off by it's new owner
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    Best to fix the leak properly before they goop circulates all over the never regions of your cooling system.

    Heat for the price have used it once on a scrapper .. worked well. (edited)
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    Not ideal for modern cars, too many voids and sensors can be blocked by it. Fix it properly IMHO.
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    Back yard car dealers staple product...