Home Automation Bundle - Energenie MIHO040 2-Gang Socket Bundle - Chrome - £37.46 - Ebuyer

Home Automation Bundle - Energenie MIHO040 2-Gang Socket Bundle - Chrome - £37.46 - Ebuyer

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*** Already Out of stock....

Got a Google Mini this Xmas and was wondering if this is a good deal folks, also looks like it works with Amazon Echo / Dot ...

Get your Home Automation project off to a great start with this bundle which comprises the Mi|Home Gateway and 3 retro fit 2-Gang wall sockets. The Gateway easily connects to your existing router or broadband modem with the leads provided. Then simply download the Mi|Home App from iTunes or Google Play [or use in a web browser on your PC] to connect your system to the internet. Once connected your mobile device becomes a remote control for your home. Use it to switch devices

on or off from anywhere in the world, plus set timers and schedules, use your location to control your home or connect to IFTTT for a truly automated home experience! The 2-Gang wall sockets in this pack receive switching instructions from the gateway but do not feedback current on/off status, therefore are not recommended for safety-critical applications.

Box Contains 1 x Mi|Home Gateway, 1 x Remote Control and 3 Chrome 2-Gang wall sockets

Also 6% quidco.
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I would recommend also looking into getting some spacers if you have a older house
This is a great price !! IFTTT compatibility is great but lack of Apple Home kit compatibility is a deal breaker for me. Just been rationalising the numerous flavours of smart automation I've bought over the years and settled on Apple Home kit compatible devices going forward (rightly or wrongly) but would have snapped this up a month ago

Great find.
Showing out of stock now!!!
Bought but got an email saying insufficient stock!
davenhaze1 m ago

Showing out of stock now!!!

Yeah tell me about it! I was literally about to order this myself after seeing that the same thing is £109.99 in Screwfix!
product is currently out of stock
My payment has been taken so hopefully i got lucky 🍀
I think its a pricing error which is why it's out of stock
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