Home bargains £1.99 breastmilk storage bags

Home bargains £1.99 breastmilk storage bags

Found 24th Jun 2013
25 breastmilk storage bags! 7.49 for 30 in boots! My son was premature and couldnt breast feed! I expresses for 7months plus cheapest ones i found and ideal for saving space in the freezer
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I believe this should be kept cold!

But the deal is hot ;-)
These are great for storing my semi-skimmed milk in in the office fridge. If you leave it in an ordinary bottle everyone just helps themselves and you end up with none left when it's time to make your own cuppa.. Using either one of these or a "Bull Semen Sample Jar" ensures your milk will still be there untouched just when you need it most.
don't women already have these ?
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