Home Bargains: Blue Dragon Sushi Nori @ 29p

Home Bargains: Blue Dragon Sushi Nori @ 29p

LocalFound 10th Jan 2012
Popped in local branch and came across these, Blue Dragon roasted seaweed Wrap sheets.

Roasted seaweed sheets very good for boosting a low immune system - good source of iron, calcium and magnesium.

Only 29 pence for 10 sheets (22g). The ones I've just bought have BBE: Dec 2012.

I've checked online and found

- Tesco do Yutaka brand 10g pack for £1.51
- Sainsburys do Clearspring brand 17g for £2.99.
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I get these and they're quite good quality and cannot be grumbled by anybody at this price. This deal should get hot, hot, hot.
Makes your hair shiny ...Or so they say in the land of the rising sun.

Hot from me ..Tuna mixed with mayonnaise dropped in the middle of a ball of rice ..wrap in lightly toasted sea weed sheet and hey presto a mouth watering Asian snack
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