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Home Bargains - Cheap Tech Bargains 99p - DS/PSP/Vita/PS3

Found 2nd Jan 2015
Surprised to have seen these in Home Bargains today all at 99p, plenty in stock. When I get Bluetooth working I will upload the photos having problem at the moment:
- 99p DS Set in box, think its storage case, stylus and a few more bits - was only in pink
- 99p PS Vita Screen Visor
- 99p Silicone jackets for ps3 with straps (Long controllers)

There is also a set for PSP for £1.99

A lot of people still use these machines so might be useful for a few people, at this price I would ring and ask the local store if they have them before a wasted journey. No special tickets just standard prices.


99p for silicone jackets for long PS3 controllers? Do you mean the PS Move controllers?

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Yes couldn't remember the name when typing thank you




Hopefully these photos will give you all an idea

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Bought the vita case earlier and it wouldn't fit,tried every which way to put it on but wasn't going to risk breaking the vita for a 99p case.
Possible its for the first vita not the slim??

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The one I seen was not a Vita case but a Vita Visor - think it block glare of the screen wasn't sure what it was used for.

Yeah that was the one I bought,it's a plastic case that fits to the back of the vita and has a flap over screen protector/visor.
Would have been good if it fitted!!

It is for the original model. Fits mine even with a silicone case on it.

Thanks - have some heat. I bought a few pink ds sets just to use the cases as storage bags to organise my Mini DV camcorder tapes. For 99p it's as cheap as chips!

these are brill - bought daughter it to go with her Ds - now able to keep all bits together x
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