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Fairywill D7 electric toothbrush - £7.99 Instore @ Home Bargains (Colchester)

£7.99£18.9958% off
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Fairywill D7 electric toothbrush

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    I have had one of these for about 2 years, charge still lasts about a month and every time I good to the dentist he says I'm doing a good job of cleaning so must be good
    Same here. The Oral B's and Philips I had in the past would stop holding charge very quickly. Had mine several years now and it's not slowed down one bit.
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    Does it come with all those spare heads?
    You can still buy compatible heads on Amazon, so it will last beyond just the few in the box.
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    These are twice as much on Amazon, they are powerful with good battery life. Had 1 fail (and replaced), since then bought 3 more for the rest of the family, they have been reliable over 12 months use.
    They aren't sold on Amazon - they (and the whole parent company) were banned permenantly from Amazon in April for faking reviews on an industrial scale (there's also ongoing rumours that the number of faulty returns Amazon was getting was unviable)


    At this price you can't argue but take any reviews you read with a pinch of salt.

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    Store specific or have these been spotted elsewhere? Thanks.
    Seen in gorseinon in swansea so would think its nationwide
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    Absolute bargain! Wish i was nearer as would get a spare. 🔥
    Likely to be at most HB stores. Going to take a look myself tomorrow. Had one of these for years now, still going strong.
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    If only one negative, I prefer round heads on brushes as I got told from dentist they some how clean better. Other than that HOT!!
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    Just picked up the two pack off eBay for 20 quid, only had it a couple days but seems fine
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    Found this in Homebargains Colchester, there were at least 8 more in stock at the closing time I visited. I didn't but any as I just bought Oral B a week ago after my Fairywill E11 died, would definitely recommend at this price even as a spare/backup. Next best price in ebay was £18.99 at the time I posted. (edited)
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    I was about to find a replacement my daughters one had just stopped charging (purchased Jan 2021) I’ll have to pop into Home Bargains tomorrow!
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    Can anyone tell me how many oscillations this does? I’m trying to compare to oral B and Philips sonicare!? Thanks in advance.
    "40k micro-brushes per minute" according to their website. Post the comparison results please.
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    Bargain and hot!
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    This with a water flosser is a excellent investment. Hot
    Water flosser is a game changer. After using one it was the first time in 12-13 years I've not had to had a hygenist appointment after seeing the dentist. I'd previously flossed and t'peed regularly but it didn't keep the gygenist away.
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    Does it include the travel case, or is that just a misleading photo from Amazon, as with the 8 heads? (edited)
    No travel case, USB charger and extra brush heads included
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    Does this only take Fairywill heads?

    Electric Toothbrush Heads Compatible with Fairywill D7/D8/FW507/FW508/FW551/917/959/D1/D3/SG-E9/SG-507/SG-958 Moderately Soft Bristles Brush Replacement (Black 10 Count) amzn.eu/d/88LZUqo (edited)
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    I lost my charger for this.. anyone know what connector I need plz?
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    I've had one of these for about 2 years and I can't fault it. Charge lasts for ages too.
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    These are excellent for polishing teeth with a Beverly Hills type toothpaste imo. My others don't clean anywhere near as good. Recommended imo.
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    I've just purchased the Fairywill P11 came and it was faulty wouldn't charge. Then replacement literally came an hour ago and guess what same issue. Just my luck
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    Does anyone else see it in another Home bargain shop??
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    cheap tap cleaner!